Remove or change certain troops Ubastet. Infernus, Divine Isbaala


Sempre que os encontro os derroto sem muita dificuldade. Experimente usar a arma divine shield do herói combinado com as tropas Valkirye/ divine/ pharaos ra ou Kretas the bull. Vitoria na certa…


Funny how people still defend Ubastet and hope to be taken seriously.
It’s obviously unbalanced, it broke the balance the day it was released, still there.

The answer « learn to beat it » is pointless.
I have it.
I can beat it.

It is still unbalanced.

Name 1 troop that is stronger than Ubastet.
Just 1.


Zull goth 100% one shot kill :stuck_out_tongue:


divine protector is the real problem. uba is powerful for sure, and getting the 50% mana head start pushes it even further. but divine protector is what makes it just silly. i really dont get how they have gotten away with gating off a whole bunch of weapons. imagine if certain troops were simply unobtainable after a one week window.

i know this is tin foil hat territory…but i feel like divine protector was made (and later buffed) just so we all got the message that we have to buy at least up to the weapon tier in every event shop.


There are several weapons that are literally exactly the same as DP just for other trooptypes/kindoms and you will never see these weapons in play at all, so how is DP the problem?
You can also replace DP with DB or even the hero completely with any of the other high synergy Divines that used to fill that spot without the team losing much if any of its deadly efficiency.

This is not a one troop/weapon problem but a mix of factors.
Too many mythics coming out as Divine for some weird lore reason which made sure all the most powerful of them happen to be Divine too, the 50% start mana trait being percent based and not giving a fixed mana value like 5 or so, so it scales massively with the high manacost base-mythics have as a tradeoff for their very powerful spells, and Divines having the greatest amount of synergy and average power of all trooptypes by a really huge margin, with all their spells complementing eachother, perfect mana colour synergies and generally highly powerful idiotproof spells so you don’t even have to try to make them work well (like literally no effort, the current meta dominator does not require the player to make any decisions, no targeting of gems, no targeting of troops, no ordering of spells).

In any case this alleged problem is not solvable by minor tweaks to a troop or two, it would need the Devs to reconsider their approach to power creep issues, which they probably won’t so as a player you’d be best adviced to get on board and wait for the next set of even more powerful and synergizing troops to relieve the Divine meta with even quicker and dumber games.


Removing Ishbaal would more than likely result in Divine teams to lower.

Too many Divine troops nearly half of the mythics are Divine


speaking only for myself, i find the ishbala/infernus/uba team is not half as bad if there is ANY other troop or weapon in play taking that 4th spot. divine protector makes that lineup ridiculous with the mana cost/colors it uses and the colors it creates.


REMOVE ALL TROOPS, let us play with Peasants only


That would be fun…