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Religion Poll Questions

Hello everyone! I need some data about religion from Gems of War players that may be applicable for a video I will be doing in a week or so. Would appreciate if you could answer the following polls. Please don’t fight about religion and get this thread closed… :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you believe in a god(s)?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Agnostic

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How many gods are there?

  • 0
  • 1
  • Multiple

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Which of the following do you affiliate yourself with?

  • Agnsotic/Neutral Spiritual
  • Agnostic/Neutral Non-Spiritual
  • Atheism
  • Buddhism
  • Christianity
  • A sect branching off of or similar to Christianity
  • Hinduisum
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Other not mentioned

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Seems like it’ll be an interesting video…can’t wait to see.

@Tacet joined ISIS, that video will give us excellent tips while condemning us infidels. :wink:

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I’m guessing he’s going to assign a different comp to each religion and do a “Which religion is best?” video :stuck_out_tongue:

Does RNGesus count?



Not discussing/arguing, in fact, I’ll probably be done with this topic after this post just to avoid any confrontation, but I’ll make a quick mention of my religious association (or lack thereof).

I’m Agnostic/Atheist, at least in shorter terms. Spiritually inclined and heavily open-minded.

While I do not straight-up believe in any given god(s), I do believe in the possibility of gods/goddesses or beings that we associate with the idea of a god. I also believe everyone has their own god-given right (see what I did there?) to believe in whatever they so wish.

“Debunking the existence of a higher being is similar to giving evidence to the multiverse theory, it’s not realistically possible to prove or disprove one or the other, so why debate it?” This is my thought process anytime discussion of the topic erupts, both sides waste their time when clearly neither one is going to budge.

Obviously, I’m not expecting any of that to be an issue here (expecting, not doubting), but I figured I’d give my piece in the small case someone should decide to press beliefs and this could deter them.

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Buddhism is about understanding and through understanding you can discover awakening or transcendence. If you did good in life you reach a higher plane of existence but if you are bad your reincarnated form will be worse. Even the gods can fall from grace and humans can become gods in the next life.

Now I’m not looking to start a fight, but what this describes is Agnosticism.

Atheism is the belief that there is no deity at all, while Agnosticism is more of the belief that nobody truely knows if a deity or deities exist or not, or someone who is noncommittal on the subject.

I am a music minister for a Christian church, disciples of Christ. I grew up Roman Catholic, am a confirmed Catholic to be exact, and went to a Methodist college.

I will share two revelations I have discovered:

  1. Religion gives you a lot of why but no how.
  2. Science gives you a lot of how but no why.

Hmmm… Doesn’t seem like rocket science to me to connect those dots. :wink:


Was brought up Roman-Catholic, to fear God.

Finally realised I was more open minded than my parents at age ten, when after talking to them about dinosaurs, my Dad said, “…you don’t believe in that evolution rubbish do you?!” :pensive:

These are the same people that believe the human race came from a man and a woman, that had two sons, one killing the other… Um yeah…

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Technology .
A sufficiently Advanced technology permits a similar situation to that of a god.

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Most ministers either politely or angrily ask me to exit church due to my asking questions .
Arch angels are maxx rank angel ?
Then are they really devils or are we being lied to about the war in heaven ?
I.E. An Arch is a bent or a twist so a bent and twisted angel is representative of maxx rank angel?
Aaaaad a few seconds later the minister or preacher or brother goes nuclear at my simple questions .
Aaaaad thats why i avoid religion .

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I dont believe in god but I think religion still has a place. It is something people can turn to when life isnt going well. Most useful for the elderly but even young non-religious people confide in god when needed.

Be great if there was some form of afterlife. The alternative is pretty brutal and sobering.


Scientism. We will create a god, and get you John Connor!

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That’s too bad that your questions have been met with that kind of response. Asking those questions is an important part of discovering your personal faith. Don’t avoid, just keep asking until you find the right person to answer you! :wink:

Answering his questions with Truth, absent of emotion (especially anger) is part of theirs.

Though true, some people are not able to make hat next step. It is unfortunate when they happen to be in positions of power within a church.

Well I would call myself “extremely devout” and even I don’t put much Faith in the institutions of men…

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Magi-science gives you the how and the why.