Relatively New Player Looking For Guild (PC)

Hi, I’ve been playing for a little over three months and am currently looking for a guild. Kingdoms are at level 10, can contribute 100k a week at least as well as 1500 seals. Currently at level 550 with goals of getting 10-30 levels per week if time permits. Still learning some of the aspects of the game though my current focus is kingdom power leveling as well as hero leveling as aforementioned. Thanks.

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Final Fantasy would love to have you! We’re a friendly bunch, welcoming to newbies but with plenty of old timers around, too. Our reqs are either 1000 seals OR 500 seals and 100k gold. Message me if you’re interested, or post in our thread! Have fun no matter where you end up!

Hi Cyjax,

I would also love to see you in our guild. Our requirements are similar to final fantasy!

See here: Aes Sedai