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Relationship between Venbarac and Dimetracia

Hi every one.
I translate three dragons to russian, and have one problem. Have someone knew about Dimetraxia and Vendarac relationship? They was lovers or just close frends?

Original thread when Venbarak was released, it contains their story:

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Hmm, I stil have no idea. story didn’t tell this part.

Because the story of Three Dragons happens years later after the appearance of Blighted Lands and the Infernal King, both in Krystara and in our game. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well i can translate mate as close frend or lover. And i’m not entirely sure witch one.

Lovers, they had baby dragons and all, just take a good look at the link i posted and you’ll see.

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If you all don’t start spelling Venbarak’s name right I would start sleeping with one eye open. He is super sensitive about it.

Wel, l i read it. thanks for your help.