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Refund for Sheggra

A bunch of Troops can be refunded, even ones that got huge buffs. However, Sheggra got nerfed to the level where it’s practically useless. It’s not available for refund…

Where’s the logic in this?

Wait until consoles get Infernal King for Sheggra.

I rather not. I dislike Troops that rely on others. When one Troop of a pair dies, the other becomes dead weight.

I’d rather Trait other Red/Brown Troops now

I think he meant that wherever you’d use Sheggra, you’re more apt to use Infernal King instead.

Further, I have no clear idea how all the troops were chosen for refunds. It seems like some kind of 1.09 and 2.0 PC mash up though most of the troops listed for refunds already had their changes enabled as of the 1.085 Console update so for them nothing has changed (Atlanta, Avina, Orion, Wolf Knight to name some.) Ghoul is the reverse case where he hasn’t changed yet but he has a refund option.

Celestasia is the only one I’ve seen that has the refund and the troop changed since the last update. (And refund her I did. I wanted my Celestial Stones back. Man did I have buyers remorse on that one.)

I got Celestials coming out my butt.

I get them more than Arcanes in fights and I get them more than Legendaries in chests

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Great. I spent too many of mine when leveling up Whitehelm and left me in a position where I wouldn’t have enough for the ones I really wanted. So now at least I got 2 back which eases the pressure a little.

Too bad the only other Legendary who uses Blades is The Silent One… At least Pan’s Vale is due to have 9 troops so I don’t have to worry about him.

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The refund selection on console seems like it was part of a drinking game gone wrong.

Considering the slower console release update schedule, they should have just made everything available for a refund for two weeks.

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Crap. What have they nerfed on Sheggra?

I have only two teams I use. Both celestial and Sheggra nerfed… they’re hardly the most overpowered troops to begin with

Sheggra will only create 6 Red Gems now. Magic was removed completely from the equation.

Have they nerfed the likes of maw etc. that I constantly hear is a pain in the butt?

These changes just reduce the fun. It’s a game vs AI only, no need to nerfed these troops in my opinion.

Celestasia still makes 10 Gems, so she’s still great IMO. Sheggra going down to 6, along with it’s Traits, make it as powerful as a Rare. We need a Red Gem transformer/creator for Sheggra to be dangerous again.

1 is coming.

Celestasia still makes 10?

I believe she makes 8 but the description just wasn’t changed.

You mean like Banshee?

Celestia only make 8 text is wrong

No like Valkyrie, Giant Spider, Alchemist, Green Seer.

One is coming for Red

Couple troop have wrong text so its hard to know what troop you want to get refound

Do you know if defense wins count toward the hero Class win?

3 troops off hand have the wrong text and 1 trait is listed wrong too now.

And to the best of my knowledge, no they don’t. Same as you not getting extra souls for having a Valkyrie on defense.

Thank you again look like we will need to do it the hard way :slight_smile: almost 50 win now.
Only need 206 win for the weapon