Refund for my VIP


Well when this new patch arrives on the Xbox One, and you have lowered the amount of gems we will get from guild tasks, i want a refund on my purchases and my vip level.

I dont want more Gem keys as with your loot drop rates, they give nothing but trash. I use my gained gems for vip chests or maybe event chests if i need an odd troop.

So u are penalising VIP players.


Yeah and don`t forget that gems are useful to level up the guardians for GW too.

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They will argue that you get gems for playing GWs if you rank high enough.

This game has become a money grab! I am really think about quitting the damn game! I had 4 VIP pulls last mythic and did not get it! So the last 5 pulls in total I got no mythic! Now they are Nerfing the gems so you have a even smaller chance of getting a VIP pull! I guess they don’t want people to spend money to get to VIP level because why would I spend money to get there if I never had gems to use it! Retarded!


2 guilds really get gems in guild wars if you level sentinels! first and second in bracket 1


I don’t really think this is penalizing I think it’s just some balancing. And @Rojo1 the game hasn’t really become a money grab, they just trying alert people to "hey could you buy something to help us.

There are other solutions than to force players to give them dollars…


Like what? Donate food and clothing to the devs instead?

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I’m VIP 9 and I’m filing for a refund due to fraudulent practices. They are allowed to do what they did, now I am allowed to get my money refunded. And before you say that I have been playing…play time is free…I paid for a perceived service that they just made worse. I’m so tired of them gimping the damn system I paid for.


Lol a vip lvl 9 is pissed. I dont blame you bro. Im vip lvl 5 on two accounts and 4 on another and im close to quitting.

They dont know what they are doing


why do you have multiple accounts?

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If you are VIP then you have spent a ton of money already! A regular game costs $60 so every person that is VIP has spent muliples of that already! I don’t know why at this point anyone would spend more money on this game! No one that is a late gamer needs more gem keys because they already have all the troops! So if I get 5 more copies of a troop I have already maxed out what good does that do!


I’m 7 and i’m not going any further!


I see that the later ranks do indeed give gem keys where at the point where you are even getting tons of glory daily that those gems keys seem very little but it still is something, maybe not the best reward but it’s more than just a one-time thing for purchasing whatever you bought

I think the point is no one needs free glory keys unless there is a new kingdom! It’s already hard to get a mythic even from VIP chests so to make it even harder to get gems means if your new don’t spend money to become VIP because you won’t be using it anyway!


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It’s ironic that as a vip you don’t get vip keys, just crappy keys.
I’m 6, the Mrs 5. I too want my money refunded and all my vip purchases stripped away. Which is difficult because I paid for the crappy typhoon of keys pack. I bought the Mrs deathknight armour and an arcane pack. Seriously, what can I do?
I am absolutely furious, I don’t want to know how much I spent when I really couldn’t, and still can’t afford to spend money on this game.
What as paying customers can WE ACTUALLY DO?
Any lawyer folks in here?
My last mythic cost me 1750 glory keys, 210 gem, 5000 seals and 250 vip. So where’s my gem stash going to be built up from for the access to vip chests that I paid for? Not sure that they’re much good. I never ever get a mythic in the first 50. 2250 gems is a lot. I opened FIVE lots to get infernus. So my stash has dwindled and my means of building it back have been taken away.
Daily task gem rewards - confirmed nerf.
Guild tasks gem rewards- confirmed nerf.
Legendary tasks gem rewards - confirmed nerf.
Wtf are you guys thinking?
Is the way you’re (being told?) running your business now? Is this your plan? Seriously?
I’m one effed off paying customer I can tell you.


I see it as all this was done to force people to spend real money, or not get everything they want. Feels like it’s shifting more and more to P2W

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I think people are jumping the gun a little bit here. They devs haven’t really nerfed too much. They have done this as guilds are going to be yielding a lot more gold, to the point some guilds who couldn’t before wil now be able to complete all weekly tasks because 4x. More gold = more legendary tasks so even if they are 16% less you may make up for that in extra legendary tasks mobile players can help with now too.

Also the issue with the raw gems being nerfed - in my opinion gem keys are just as good. The last three mythics I got from gem keys alone and didn’t have to touch my gems so I don’t know why there’s an uproar at that either. I think we should all wait to see the ‘damage’ properly next week after some information gathering. :slight_smile: