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REDIRECTION from a support reply

Well Apparently, me submitting a Support request for the fact my Client didnt update correctly and i wasted nearly 1k gems and about 80 Event keys for the new legendary… is a forum post issue (As i was redirected here from a support E-Mail, not posted here for obvious reasons)

Can anyone explain why my request was redirected here? I am genuinely confused???

Thanks in advance.

I’ve had one of those mails last week. Apparently they judged it as a ‘non-technical’ i.e. gameplay issue. I can’t say it’s a very statisfying answer to get (putting it extremely mildly :wink: ).

So basically there fault, is my own fault…

I’m also not particularly fond of the fact that they say I “MUST” (direct quote, including capitals) post the issue here.

Logic dictates that if i submit any kind of bug i am not going to do it on a PUBLIC forum, where i would ultimately, most likely, be banned for posting it…

@OddPoppet, you were probably redirected here because of the recent change to the way support now handles bugs.
Gems of War: Report a bug or game glitch


@macawi. I have looked through the endless list of ways to report this Bug (To me a client update that doesnt update is a bug, IMO) yet all roads lead back to this version of rome…

So do i chalk this down to a complete loss of resources or will the dev team ask for my Deets in Global for me to recoup my lossess?

I would start a thread under the category of ‘Bug Reports’ and explain the issue in it’s entirety since it redirects you back to the forums. They have an excellent support staff and I have never experienced them not going above and beyond to make things right.

@macawi. I myself have never had a single issue with support in this game before (The whole 2 times i have contacted them before this issue) yet i have now resubmitted the same report in 3 completely seperate Report issues and the automated response i got each time redirected me straight to this section of the forums, saying it wasnt an issue they normaly dealt with through that specific report section…
Suffice to say the fourth one i just sent wasnt as nice as the first 3 attempts…

Just received the latest reply, again from the automated system again saying this is the place for it…

Enough is enough… Seen as i used gems for the transaction which were actually purchased 4 hours ago specifically for this event, i believe Steam is the next logical place for a report…

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I agree that the new way they handle these things is… not very good. Forcing people to sign up on a forum to report a bug is quite the step back from just mailing support so that no strangers can see the issue (since yes, the reply is automated and you never know when you get that automated reply when you wanna submit an exploit you found or something…so that you then have to post it here.).

But apparently, they have to do it this way now because they simply don’t have enough staff to deal with the stuff people sent to support, including stuff like “A Level 80 player pulled a mythic from a chest and I didn’t even though I’m Level 1000, your game is broken” and the like. But I never had issues with support - they were always helpful and the response time was not bad or anything.

I find publically posting these issues not very good. After all, the support form asks for a lot of personal data (from invite code to guild name to level) for good reasons - to validate your account - and that’s not stuff I absolutely wanna post online for everyone to see (and then be able to send me a PM about how my guild is horrible and if I don’t wanna join theirs or something). The bug report form here doesn’t ask for it, but still, they might need the data at one point or another. At the very least some people - like me - refuse to upgrade to newer OS and use older ones which aren’t getting virus updates by Microsoft anymore, so are an easier hacking target. Making me post my system in a bug report does sometimes make me uncomfortable because of that and I tend to wait a while before I make a report in hopes someone else does so…

So yeah, it’s not very professional anymore, sadly. :confused:

Firstly… If the dev team dont have the staff to cover issues in the game, THEY NEED TO STOP EXPANDINg IT TILL THEY GET THE STAFF!!!.. (Not a rant at you Sheba)
secondly… yes i do not feel happy posting this submission here as, what next, the dev team asks for my deets within this forum to help me… Not gonna happen on a public forum…
Thirdly. I couldnt care less anymore, Gems were purchased through steam 4 hours ago… steam have a transaction of the record and they now hold all the changelogs and Screenshots of Support requests and Such so it should be dealt with shortly… Suffice to say the guys at Zendesk will never get a single dime from me again.!!!

Cyrup and Kafka are both pretty new, they were both hired to deal with support stuff, but apparently the playerbase grew again or something so that even now they had to take that measure. Honestly, Cyrup handles a TON of stuff by now, far more than just support - her title “Player Experience Manager” shows that; she’s constantly helping Salty out on the forums, making streams, everything. Obviously, there’s a lot more work to do than they have people for and I’m not sure that they have much choice in the matter of expanding (as it has been hinted at before that the publishers are the ones dictating the timetable of updates the devs have to follow).

At any rate, as someone who hides her true data by testing all bugs on a Windows 7 computer to see if they exist there as well before reporting them (and otherwise not doing so… but also because I feel I can’t expect any support for a windows system that has a 9 and an 8 behind the word “Windows”), I understand your decision fully.

I would actually be interested to hear what comes out of the matter, as I am a Steam user as well and have gotten, for other games, not very good results with Steam report (“In-game purchases can not be refunded” and stuff like that).

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So, are you saying you were getting last week’s event troops? Or are you just unhappy that you were unlucky and didn’t get the event legendary.

Here’s the new bug report process:

  1. Open a ZenDesk support ticket because you don’t know the forums are the right place.
  2. Open a forum bug report once you get informed.
  3. The community disagrees it’s a bug and changes your topic from “bug report” to “support”.
  4. Zero bugs!

I had the Weekly event screen show on login, as per. But had a 2mb update while in the client and only then did the legendary event new pop up and i noticed the event troop in the drop pool card showcase…

Previous to loggin in i had a seperate 2.15mb Steam client update… Which i assumed was the right update for the new drop pool… I also asked players in global if anyone had sucesfully pulled the new legendary to which i had 2 ayes in response so i proceeded to buy gems, and spend them thinking it ws my bad luck, after which i then received the in game Update…

So currently i cannot be 100% sure as to wether it was a player error or a client error… But the evidence curently points at the client (imo, and i dont normally make a complaint unless i am pretty certain)

They’re never bugs, they’re just features. :wink: If OddPoppet’s client has acted up here and it wasn’t bad luck… then this is the new feature where you can spend a ton of gems for very little even on GW weeks where there’s no Raid or Invasion or Bounty shop. Totally not a bug, it’s just to evenly suck your gems dry throughout all weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:

(But seriously, I hope OldPoppet gets the issue resolved one way or the other. If it’s a client issue, I wonder if Steam can help since I suppose only the devs could look into his account and see when an update gets downloaded for sure.)

If you were getting zhul kari troops from event keys then you were hitting the right drop pool. So far you haven’t said what you got.

I hope so too. So far the only result of this change is we see a very visible list of bugs with, at best, “I will pass this along” in it and very little evidence they ever get seen. :confused:

OldPoppet? Hahahahahaha. Don’t tell him you said that! :laughing: