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Redeem Codes on Console

Oh, you mean like how Xbox requires it’s users to have Xbox Live Gold in order to play online. The argument against PS Plus holds no water when Microsoft literally does the same thing.

But, unlike PC and Mobile, we don’t even play together. We may both be consoles, but our systems (Guilds and players and such) are separate from each other. So, it shouldn’t matter if one gets it and the other doesn’t. Its not like we have cross platform capabilities, we’re two separate games that just both happen to run on what is known as a console. So, it shouldn’t be an issue. I would feel the same way if PS could have them, but I (an Xbox Player) couldn’t.

Just my 2 cents on the issue.

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RE: “Why didn’t the consoles just limit it to codes for purchase” is probably something you’d need an international lawyer to answer. My guess is “purchase” means a lot of different things in various countries, and it’s possible in one or more countries you aren’t allowed to disallow things that way. In short: “I bet it’s easier to disallow it completely than find a way to allow it slightly.”

RE: parity: my experience in the console world is any time one console gets things another console doesn’t get, there’s a flood of people TOTALLY OFFENDED who will capital letter BOYCOTT your game by playing it a lot and yelling loudly. It’s not worth it. I guarantee the number of people upset that no one gets it is completely dwarfed by the number of people who will start an account JUST to be offended that their favorite console doesn’t get it.

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Lots of typing, but wrong per the developers.

One single developer on the PSN was using external codes to circumvent the PS Store cutting Sony out of their ‘due’ cut. After Sony forbid free codes on their network “for the players” 505/IP2 then decided on their own to not allow them on Xbox even though they were implemented and WORKNG on XBL at one point.

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Correct key, but incorrect keyhole.

I wasn’t answering, “Why is it different?”, I was throwing speculation out about “Why can’t the console creators allow codes and specify, specifically, that the codes cannot be purchased?”

That’s part of why I prefixed that paragraph with “RE: “Why didn’t the consoles just limit it to codes for purchase””. It implies I was talking about “the consoles”, not “Gems of War”.

In a similar confusing fashion I posted this about PSN and 505 (GoW)

Despite games like Warframe doing this type of “discount” 505 seemed very much disinterested in adopting a similar policy so I don’t know how "hard’ or if they tried at all to get codes (my guess is they brought it up - PS said it would be difficult they said np next topic) :thinking:

Back to the OP however; The no free DLC on PS4 I don’t buy as I have downloaded free items on games like The Division and others in the past. It may be some “hoops” to jump through to get them on the PS4 but it can be done as other publishers have done it and are still doing it (Battlefront, Batman and many others all have done redeemable codes for free in game items / DLC ).

For another example of how to do this look at Borderlands they’ve had zero issue getting redeemable codes for DLC to PS4 and Xbox for as long as I can remember- the last one was a few days ago for BL2 and the Pre-sequel. They push them out on Twitter frequently! Why can’t 505 do the same on their twitch stream, Facebook or twitter…?

I just don’t think there is a “will” thus there is no “way”

If the devs really cared about parity between consoles they would allow Xbox players to get over 1000 diamonds per week without spending real money like Sony players can. They can literally soulforge every new mythic that comes out. That is way more disparity than if Xbox were to get a few codes.


Can you elaborate?, I don’t have a PS4 to see what you mean.

The $5 dungeon pack for us is 150 (I think) gems for them.

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IF true.

@Saltypatra how can you even write about an “even playing field” without including hundreds of wink emotes and the “/s” tag to indicate that you are just posting 100% pure made-up “nonsense/BS”.

If PS players can craft every Mythic when ever they want as fast as they want fine… Whatever. It just makes the game super easy for PS players, good for them.

But then, why limit X1 Redeemed Codes because Sony had a past issue with out of Store codes?

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I heard about that. I mean, cool for them. I’m not heartbroken about it (being an Xbox player), but if we’re playing the “consoles need to be fair” game, then where is our 150 gem Dungeon packs? :thinking::thinking:

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It’s probably not such an advantage now since 3.3 because with the reduction in gem income from GW and increase need for spending on new modes nobody could maintain also spending an extra 150 gems per day (1050 per week) in the dungeon. But in the (6 months?) prior to 3.3 any guild that could regularly come 1st or 2nd in GW every week had a massive advantage over the top guilds on xbox.

But even if they now only buy the pack on diamond day that’s 150 extra diamonds per week they get than we do.

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On PS4 we get the gem bounty for 50 Gems that gives 20 diamonds 6 days a week and 80 on Sunday.

For 150 Gems the “daily deal” is 50 Diamonds 6 days a week and 150 on Sunday.

I had thought that was just $4.99 on PC/Mobile I didn’t realise it was on Xbox one as well.

Most people I know only buy one or both on Sunday, a few buy both on Sunday and the gem bounty every day. I don’t know anyone that buys the “daily deal” and the Gem bounty every day anymore. All the gem nerf’s and especially moving GW to every 3rd week has everyone hoarding their gems for the monthly mythic and the new mini games.

That means for most folks buying the bounty every day they are getting 200 diamonds a week or 800 a month. If they buy the Daily Deal on Sunday’s that is another 600 or 1,400 a month only a far cry from getting the 4k for a Soul Forge mythic every month.

I’m not sure it’s much of an advantage anymore I could have agreed before all the nerfs to gems over the last several months I guess.


Well, I can tell you I’d rather spend 150 extra gems a Day to get me closer to a guaranteed Mythic than throw them at these, new, pay to win, gem sinks, they’ve lovely entitled: “game” modes. Last time I checked, a “game” should be fun, not just a black hole to throw your resources into, but, I digress.


Your point is fair, but that was even more reason for us (Xbox players) to have them before the nerf. Also, as I said in my other post. I’d rather spend my gems on getting closer to a guaranteed Mythic than throwing them at these new “game modes” (aka Gem Sinks. aka Throw all your gems down a black hole, once a week)

I agree it’s strange they weren’t uniform…I always thought it was consoles and PC/Mobile as the 2 teams guess there are 3 :thinking:

Yup. While both Xbox and PS are Consoles, our games are almost completely separate. Different players, guilds, etc. We have similarities, like we both have Daily Tasks, and before console caught up to PC/Mobile, when new troops would come out, they would come out for both consoles, etc.

But, the consoles do have sepetate “ecosystems”, we can’t play cross platform with each other at all. If I was a betting man, I would venture to guess that’s mostly Sony’s fault. With Xbox putting so much effort in cross play gaming with stuff like Rocket League and Fortnight, but Sony blocking that ability on their platform, I would assume that Sony is at least part of the reason why GoW doesn’t have that, at least between consoles.

As for as PC/Mobile, I believe that’s because we use different servers than them or something like that, so that makes cross play with them either impossible, or at least a huge pain to try and do. That could have something to do with Sony too, I’m not sure. The servers thing was just something I would told a few times.

Also, I brought up the idea of a companion app once, like what Rock Band 4, Dying Light, and GTA 5 have for their games. Basically, an app that can interact with the console game. I asked if there was a way to make something like that so we (console players) could at least collect tribute and mail while away from our console. They, more or less, told me they couldn’t do. In the sense they weren’t allowed, not that they couldn’t actually design something like that. So, there’s that.

Then, of course, there’s the redeem codes. Xbox said okay, Sony said no, so neither console gets them. As far as the 150 gem Dungeon pack is concerned, I don’t know why Sony has that but the rest of us don’t.

Basically, what I’m saying here is, yes, you’re right. There are 3 games of GoW. Xbox, PS4, PC/Mobile. And they’re all far from created equal. In my opinion, there’s the PC/Mobile “Elites” and then Xbox and PS4 have to fight each other for table scraps. Again, just my opinion.


I’m certain this situation has existed where PS4 players for the last 8 MONTHS have been able to obtain Mythics at a greatly accelerated rate exists because the developers never play on either console. They probably don’t even know about it until they read it from us, nor would they ever notice on their own, how can they when both consoles in the office stay powered off? Even when they are “in console Global Chat” that is done from the PC.

…And unless Sirrian finds out the monetization model on PS4 has a gaping hole in it, I doubt anything will change on that platform. Considering he doesn’t visit the forums like he used to (after the death threats) the end result of this thread can be summarized: “no changes”.

=In conclusion=
Let the PS4 players have faster access to Mythics without monetization (I don’t care).
ReActivate Redeem codes to the X1 (PS4 players can petition Sony to change their policy).


Not exactly true for everyone. I subscribe to daily gems so that I have enough gems to buy this pack every Sunday. If the Sunday pack was five bucks, I would just do that instead. I don’t think this is as big a deal as it is being made out to be.

Of course it doesn’t apply everyone, especially brand new players. But its an awesome deal! I’ve personally have tens of thousands of Gems (I’d love to convert a few), and others I know make my stash look like a fifthly causal player, I prefer: daily casual :wink:

Converting Gems for that many Diamonds since Dungeons first opened up when they are time gated on all other systems IS a very nice deal no matter what ps4 players post.

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