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Red Dimond's Official Guild forum chat

I will be w8ing 4 this day :smile:

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To Mikaela: I am new, but active player, i plan to play this game long term. I am willing to join to your guild. Here is my invite code:
Thank You

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Invitation sent. If you have any problem with it please give us a note here.

Lady Mikaela, I’m available: My invite: MISTRAL_GTRC

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Hi all. I cannot connect to the chat server. Hours went by and I still have no possibility to log into chat. I only want to inform about this issue and ask if others also experience the same.

Hi Mika,
Yes, I have the same issue, cannot enter in-game chat, so it’s surely some problem on the server side.

Hi guys! :slight_smile:

Regarding our guild’s requirements change please take your time to answer the question below:

Minimum weekly Guild Wars battles played for each rank (1 day = 5 battles):

  • 2 days for all - current state
  • 2 - Palace Guard, 3 days - Emir, 4 days - Sultan, 5 days - Grand Vizier
  • 3 days for all
  • 3 - Palace Guard, 4 days - Emir, 5 days - Sultan, 6 days - Grand Vizier
  • 4 days for all
  • 4 - Palace Guard, 4 days - Emir, 5 days - Sultan, 6 days - Grand Vizier

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If you have any other ideas, questions or other proposition feel free to reply below this post.



CLOSED 30/30


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Thank you Mika!

Hey everyone,

I’ve finally created an account! I will check here regularly.


The current state of the game: :smiley::star_struck::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

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Here is my invite code MELIODAS_9NVK

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Guys, I seem not to be in the guild anymore. I haven’t received any warnings and as far as I know, I’ve met the rules and regulations 100% each time (GOW, Seals, …) Can someone tell me why? Or if it’s an error, please invite me again. My invite code is RECONWOUT

Hi ReconWout,

Yes, there were two warnings before. You’ve made 294 seals and the 500 is required, and your guild rank was already Place Guard, so it was all according to Guild rules.
Anyway I’m glad you want to be back, so when we get any free spot I will invite you (I assume you probably forgot to claim your seals). But I can’t do it right now, because we are full already.

Ok, clear… Sorry I wasn’t looking at the guild chat everytime,… I whish there was some PM/mail so important messages pop up…
Thx for the future reinv, and yes always interested… I will not join another clan…

Forgetting to claim seals is most likely… If you look at my GOW stats, it’s daily at least around 4/1 which would mean I would have enough seals, including the daily pillages…

Hi ReconWout,
I’ve just sent you an invite. The guild is waiting for you :wink:

I have decided that since we have so many low lvl players now i want to fully educate them in the game to benefit them and the guild so i am going to try to do 1 on 1 sessions with whoever is interested. they will require Steam so i can send them an invite to watch me play while i explain all the buttons and how to get better. This way it is easier to explain Guild Wars, dungeons, crafting, etc. I have never used discord but will attempt to for this reason. if for whatever reason i cannot, i have no issue with giving out my number in the interest of the guild as my number is already on websites (i run an online volleyball group) so it is easily accessible by the public.

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Also while i am on the topic of low levels in the guild, I think we should try to focus on recruiting higher lvls if possible when a slot opens. I am guilty of recruiting 2 very low levels last week and i think the guild is feeling the detriment from it. Lower GW scores and less gold being donated. I will not recruit lower than lvl 400 from now on.

Yes, I think you’re right as from couple of weeks we started to have problems filling all statues because of lack of gold income. We have currently 7 players below 300 lvl, who are not obligated to donate gold.
While 3 low lvls, whom we would grind up would be ok, 7 starts to be demotivating. Our guild drops down on gw ladder etc.
And moreover from this 7 some does only little progress keeping near minimum of requirements.
I think we should set some time limit of leveling to 300 lvl for low lvls.
What do you think guys?
Maybe some option would be, to exchange gold requirement for trophies requirement for low lvl? Or require more seals?

@obone: BTW you’re not guilty :slight_smile: It’s always better to have low lvls, than empty spots on gw :wink:

I am grinding as much as possible to get up there. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. If you have any advice on how to level faster, I am all ears. (or eyes in this case)