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I’ve sent you a private message with it.

So did I :wink:

Thanks for the help!!

Hi all! I subscribed today. Thank you for inviting me to Krokodyle. I play Lady Mikaela in-game. I support the current rules and will leave a message here if I cannot play for a while.
As you can see I have much fun, ‘life’ and ‘shield’, especially when meeting stubborn knights like in the attached screenshot:

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Updated information about guild in first post.

What week would you want to get 1500 seals on April (so our guild can get 40k seals):

  • 1st week (starting on 3rd of April)
  • 2nd week (starting on 10th of April)
  • 3rd week (starting on 17th of April)
  • 4th week (starting on 24th of April)

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Just won full arena run on Warlord III with this silly team (not that silly, as I thought :grinning: )


I submitted a request regarding guild recruitment:

Please help with checking responses. I’m not a daily forum visitor :slight_smile:

Thank you Mika. First reply made :wink:

To any of you forgetting useful links - here’s a little help:

Happydays lol

Moshi, I hope your new guild serves you well :slight_smile: Good luck and see you on PvP! :wink:

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Hey guys!
Considering guild’s minimum requirements discussions we’ve had lately - here you can vote for requirements change:

SEALS minimum requirement:

  • No change (300 seals)
  • 500 seals
  • 750 seals
  • 1000 seals
  • 1250 seals
  • 1500 seals

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GOLD minimum requirement:

  • zero (no requirement)
  • 25 000 gold
  • 50 000 gold
  • 75 000 gold
  • 100 000 gold
  • 200 000 gold
  • 500 000 gold

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Gold minimum requirement should only be considered when player’s level is:

  • over lvl 1 (at all levels)
  • over lvl 100
  • over lvl 200
  • over lvl 300
  • over lvl 400
  • over lvl 500

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TROPHIES minimum requirement:

  • zero (no requirement)
  • 50
  • 100
  • 200
  • 300

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GUILD WARS minimum requirement (number of GW fights):

  • zero (no requirement)
  • 2
  • 5
  • 10
  • 15
  • 20
  • 25

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If you have any other requirements suggestions feel free to leave a comment below.

I love when this happens. Lady Mikaela “ten times as big as a man”! :grin:
Tacet and M3k4ndor defeated. Yeah!

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Congrats and good job LM! :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion regarding GOLD reqs.
We, Mean Machine, found a lot of success in basing this on kingdoms at lvl 10, not in player level.

We had a gold req set but players who were still leveling kingdoms were asked to give half the req if they could or as much as possible. Because we knew once those kingdoms were lvl 10 then ALL the gold would be funneling into the guild anyway.

Sorry to invade your guild chat, but I wanted to share that with you.
Best of luck and Happy Hunting!!

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Hello every1 :smile:
I’m come back to the game - if there is some, even small chance to come back to Krokodyle? :wink:

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Hello Dante! Good to see you.

It seems that this week we don’t have anyone in the guild that would deserve kicking, but I will remember about you and as soon as any spare place will show up I will send you a private message on this forum.

Enjoy the game!

@efh313: Yes, we’ve had that rule before, but it seems some ppl was just cheating and used the guild to collect gold for themselves. So majority of guild decided to set gold requirement to all above 100 lvl. Anyway thanks fro your opinion also :wink: