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We speak English on in-game guild chat and here on our official forum chat.
Important rules and guild overall information are described here on this chat, but you can also use this chat for other less important messages, like if you want to attach screenshot from game and so on.
Other temporary information you can find on in-game guild chat.

Minimum weekly requirements (in short)

  • 750 Guild Seals
  • 100 000 Gold Donation (for levels 300+)
  • 20 fights on Guild Wars


Rank requirements:

Rank	     | min. gold / week | min. seals / week
Grand Vizier | 300 000	        | 1 500
Sultan       | 220 000          | 1 250
Emir         | 150 000          | 1 000
Palace Guard | 100 000          |   750

If a member reach limit for a better guild rank than he actually has he gets promoted.

Rank demotion rules:

  • If a Guild member hasn’t reached the minimum limit for his rank then he gets demoted (or removed if he is currently Palace Guard).
  • If a guild member is inactive 7 days in a row, he gets demoted (or removed if he is currently Palace Guard) and alerted (on in-game chat). Then he has 3 days to respond, if he doesn’t we assume that he stopped playing and he gets removed. [Activity is any fight made (“Last seen” profile information)].
  • If a guild member hasn’t done 4 days (20 fights) on Guild Wars (with any win/lost result) in a week he gets demoted (or removed if he is currently Palace Guard).
  • If you have reached 300 level, but you still haven’t leveled all your kingdoms, you can omit donation for any week by making all GW fights and 1500 seals in this week.

Note that each Guild member can inform about his future absence for specified time. In this situation he shouldn’t be demoted/removed.
If someone was kicked by a game bug (e.g. wrong activity information) or he just want to appeal, he should do that on this forum.


  • Remember to claim guild seals by pressing “Claim all” button on Guild/Seals tab.
  • Guild requirements are checked on Sunday 20:00 (08:00 PM) UTC.
  • If for any reason you will decide not to play the game anymore, please leave the guild first!

Useful links

See wookieu’s post


There are (and was) many members that really helped the guild to be one of the best guilds on GoW. Without you guys the guild probably wouldn’t exist today. Thank you!

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Guys let us know what you think about these rules. Are they ok, or should be more/less strict? Are limits ok, or would you raise minimum seals limit etc.

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Rules looks good to me. But it might be good to fill slots upwards as well if there are higher ranks with slots open. And we should probably include some minor amount of trophies as well.

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Thanks for the answer Qannyen :slight_smile:
The limit of ranks does not affect lowest one (Palace Guard), so there it’s not required to fill all ranks up to their limit to have 30 members in the guild (people can still join and there can be more than 11 Palace Guards).
I talked with Donnell and DoroThea about your idea and we’re gonna include some trophies in the requirements, but only for ranks higher than Palace Guard.

Yeah I figured. But still we have a lot of open upper slots. :slight_smile:

Also, we should work on recruiting again since there were a lot of inactives the last week and a lot that didn’t even get close to the minimum seals and yet we were still very close to hitting 20k seals for the week. If you need help here, I’d be happy to help.

Sounds good!

Today, as every monday, Donnel did some cleaning in the Guild house :slight_smile:
We still have some room for new members, so your help will be very appreciated.
Yes we do struggle with getting seals (shoul’ve got 20k+ last week). I think we need to educate new players that fighting PvP battles (preferably up to tier 1) gives them all the seals they need and a lot of gold and chests. Unfortunately it seems that some players don’t even know that the guild chat exists or they do not watch it. This makes me consider enabling “join by invite only” option for our guild.

I think that’s a great idea. Honestly, creating a strong community of players will create stronger ties and stronger future rewards more than adding tons of random new players. :slight_smile:

Hello guys. I just wanna say that i joined Guild and i m enjoying it.

Trying to learn the basics, but lvl up asap and doing a strong team here.


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I think currently we cannot enable “Join by invite only” option. We have 25 members for long time, and we remove only fully inactive ones. When we have enough active members, then we can enable this option, otherwise our guild will get smaller and smaller.

Hey guys,

So I didn’t really understand why Valk was such a strong card. I did some research and just paired it with my Desert Mantis, and Justice and it’s suuuuuuper strong. Just need to level them up now and it will be super fun. Wanted some advice/ideas about my last slot (1st position).

Currently, I’m using Fenrir as a sort of tanky first position that can dish out skull damage in the future. I had Emperor Korvash before but was a little underwhelmed. Do you guys have any other recommendations? Only legendaries I have are Khorvash, garnok, and gloom leaf but just got my dragon armor so that should change soon :smiley:

You may want to post this question in general forum Qannyen as you may get more good ideas or maybe post it on Tacet’s chat during friday’s stream so he may tell you what he thinks.

Here’s what i think:
Assuming that you want to use

  • (vacancy :slight_smile: )
  • Desert Mantis (9 mana brown/yellow) - creates randomly positioned 8 Yellow and 8 Blue Gems > used to fill self/Valk’s/other’s mana; Blocks yellow mana for Valkyrie
  • Valkyrie (10 mana yellow/red) - turns selected gems to blue > used to fill Justice mana (and gain some souls ^_^); yellow mana blocked by Desert Mantis
  • Justice (13 mana blue) - creates randomly positioned 15 gems (blue gems and selected color gems) > used to buff and fill self/other’s mana

with one of:

  • Emperor Khorvash (14 mana blue/brown) ← my pick; suggested banner +1 red +1 yellow (Adana)
    (+) good tank with 2nd trait (stoneskin, -50% skull damage; +3 to all stats when in first position)
    (+) good 3rd trait (stun)
    (+) 14 mana cost (lowest from what you’ve got),
    (+) you’ve got 2 units creating blue mana (his mana color)
    (+) good true damage spell + stun + drain mana
    (+) in this unit composition you can create mana for him with Valkyrie (blue) and Justice (blue, brown)
    (-) blocks blue mana fro Justice (Khorvash’s mana must be full for Justice to get any mana) ← this may be problematic, maybe consider changing Justice to Loyality(?)
    (-) blocks brown mana for Desert Mantis (that’s why Mantis must be 2n’d not to be blocked by both Khorvash and Valk)
    (-) quite weak if you don’t have at least his 2’nd trait

  • Gloom Leaf (17 mana Green/Red)
    (+) good tank
    (+) his spell (stealing armor) + 3’rd trait may be good versus skull spam teams and even better if you put him in skull spam team
    (-) his first trait works only in defenfer’s team (wasted trait if in attack team)
    (-) not good if you don’t have his 3rd trait
    (-) in this composition you can’t create enough mana for him (only with Justice) ← that’s why I do not recommend this unit

  • Gar’Nok (15 mana Red/Yellow; summons Orc: 7 mana red)
    (+) his spell adds attack to all allies
    (-) he’s fully blocking Valk’s mana (same colors) ← that’s why I do not recommend this unit
    (-) his spell damages allies and may kill them (which gives him attack, but that’s nuts if you don’t have any unit that can heal)
    (-) 2nd trait, summoning Orc and using Orc requires a lot of luck
    (-) only 25% reduced skull damage with 3’rd trait

That’s awesome advice Wookiee! And thanks for the advice on my legendaries. If I had to choose between them then I would definitely pick korvash as well but I was trying to figure out if there were any non legendaries that might synergize well as well since I don’t have the stones to upgrade his traits.

I think it’s also a good call to post on the general forums, I’ll try and do that tomorrow. Thanks!

Just to give an update. I switched up the squad to this:

Valkyrie (tier 2 traits)
Desert Mantis (tier 1 trait)
Justice (0 traits)
Humility (0 traits)

Basically, infinite cascades with some major pumping. The squad is only 3218 power but I’m taking down 6-7k power opponents. Once I can find a way to effectively farm stones this squad is going to be beastly.

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Hey, this is Salion
don’t know if any of the higher ups are reading this but my phone broke down (and in a middle of a really good treasure hunt too :frowning: )
It’ll take me a few days to fix it
I hope I linked my account to something and I’ll be able to restore it. if not I’ll post my new account here when my phone is fixed.


Good luck salion!

Also, I posted in the line group that I’m going to be on holiday in the Caribbean for a week and not positive what my internet situation will be. Just a heads up!

Don’t worry guys, we will wait for you. Thanks for posting the information.
And good luck with your actions :wink:

We’re reading this Salion :slight_smile:
I’m sorry to hear your phone broke down :frowning: If you encounter any problems with retrieving your account maybe contact GoW support and they may help you.
As Donnell said above no worries about the game. Just keep us updated on the situation :wink:

Yep, have fun on your holidays Qannyen! :slight_smile:

How about we add trophies to our guild rank requirements?

Something like: min. trophies / week: 0 / 75 / 150 / 300 (Palace Guard / Emir / Sultan / Grand Vizier / Emperor)

Also how about adding a rule that you can be promoted one rank higher even if you don’t reach gold requirement for new rank but reach seals requirement and trophies requirement for a two times higher rank.
For instance:

  1. If you’re Palace Guard and your weelky summary is 0 gold (no promotion), 1000 seals (Sultan requirement), 150 trophies (Sultan requirement) then you get promoted to Emir.
  2. If you’re Palace Guard and your weelky summary is 0 gold (no promotion), 1500 seals (Grand Vizier requirement), 300 trophies (Grand Vizier requirement) then you get promoted to Sultan.

What do you think guys?

Phone still not fixed but I got an alternate.
I’m opening a ticket to try and restore the account. Can some check and
tell me what level I am for the ticket?