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Really wish traitstones were atleast SOMEWHAT easier to obtain

Really… when you need 8 arcane lava traitstones and cant even get a single one to drop in groshnak no matter wich difficulty you play in challenges … all im getting are small earth stones… come on man… And that in 3 days of farming… getting fed up with this GOW… please devs add some kind of mode in wich getting traitstones is atleast somewhat more rewarding… like a special difficulty for a guaranteed large or higher traitstone…

First do you have the map update yet?
Second do tyri make maps?
Thirdly Do you play on ps4 or xbox?
Fourthly have you seen the draft yet?

I needed 4 weeks to farm 10 lava Stones for jarls Second trait… Dont know if i will farm the other 6…

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Ps4\xbox Forum here, we dont have The New treasure hunt yet :frowning:

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no, yes, ps4, what

Gem of war fantasy series. Things are hot as we get through the 3rd round of picks and trades are most interesting as they go down. Also when you do get the map update which should be soon ,if @Nex could confirm, trait stones should be easier to get. I recommend getting a ton of maps through tyri if possible to prep for the update. At least 100 or so.

aight, thanks… when will this update be? (soon is so vague ;;l)

What does this have to do with the OP’s question?

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“Soon” is a relative term. It’s coming, but we haven’t announced when yet.

Nothing. It’s pure promotion.

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hmx… okay… i guess ill just… play some other games till its there im just really done with the pointlessness of traitstone farming atm.

You are grossly over-exaggerating the arcanes you get in treasure hunt.

Anyway. @wskill you may be putting too much emphasis on trait stones. I can only speak for myself; but if I needed 8 arcanes for any troop, I would not waste my time farming them. Arcane drops are at 1%.

My advice would be play the other modes. You’re going to need souls and other trait stones for the future so play as much as you can and get a variety of trait stones. You’re going to go mad farming challenges!!!


Tbh challenges already lost their fun for me i keep getting the “do 5 revenges” and the equally obnoxious “kill 8 troops with your hero’s weapon” that really kill the fun out of challenges for me.

I dont mind doing 20 pvp battles now and then especially at the start of a new week to climb back to rank 1 and i pretty much enjoy stuff like win with 3 of the same card or 4 of the same race kind of stuff cause it breaks the grind… i dont see any point in the ‘change your armor’ challenge… imo both that one and ESPECIALLY the 5 revenges are completely removed from the game and replaced with something like “win without losing a single card” or “win a match without getting skull damage” or something.

I hope it’s not too long til the update, I already have 400+ maps :smiley:


You can also set your Home Kingdom to Grosh-Nak and hopefully get a couple Arcane Lavas in defense.

Don’t quote me on this, but I think I read during the first fantasy series, that devs were offering a certain number of the competitors choice traitstones for placing high in the series.

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This is true.

1st place: 8 Arcane Traitstones of their choice (one type only)
2nd place: 5 Arcane Traitstones of their choice (one type only)
3rd place: 3 Arcane Traitstones of their choice (one type only)


Oh wow, I hadn’t realised that. I remember reading that the devs had provided some kind of reward, but missed on what exactly it was. That’s pretty cool!


Oh my goodness i was aiming for first but i would be ok with third or second. I am trying to trait tyri to make her an op gem clearer.

There definitely should be more contests like this, such as a writing contest or a fan art contest. There would have to be another category specifically made for it, but I think it would make the community more acticee, and bring more people to the forums. They would have to be monthly or something so the rewards still hold their value