Rank 8, Heavens Gate recruiting


I would like to join your guild, all kingdoms lvl 10, lvl 1069, active daily, yeroc_yhid


Can you message me on xbox “tedforever”


Open spots are first come, first served. We have increased reqs and flipped the roster, with plans to do so again in the near future. Please contact tedforever if you’re a real achiever.


Seeking 2 after guild wars, new reqs. Inquire on xbox @ tedforever.


Still seeking 2 on Monday. Message “tedforever” on xbox. All events done, gw bracket 1, and excellent communication in every aspect of the game.


Two spots open at reset. 1M gold, 300 trophies, 1500 seals. 40k seals and dozens of LTs each week, all portals in raid and invasion closed. GW bracket 1, please message “tedforever” on xbox if you’re interested in a position with our guild.


“Bump it some mo” lol


Still have a spot available, message “tedforever” on xbox.


Legendary task done early Monday
Bracket 1 guild wars (usually end up top 5 in rewards)
Event portals maxed out.
40k seals every week.
Excellent team work for best team set ups
Pet rescues almost hourly.
Drama is hardly existent. No guild is 100% drama free.
Reply here, tedforever on XBOX live, Wyoming Pixel on XBOX, or message anyone in Heavens Gate for more details.


Bump it up.


Thanks for all of the interest. We’re currently full again, with 1 spot opening again after GW. I’m pretty sure the spot is spoken for, but all others who are still interested can message “tedforever” on xbox for a spot on our waiting list. Happy gemming all.


Keeping an eye out for recruits that may be leaving less active guilds, or have had members leave with the influx of events and are seeking a home that will complete them. Shoot me a message on xbox (tedforever). Heavens Gate may still have a waiting list at the time you contact us, but we would love to hear if you have interest in a guild that is well rounded and competes in all areas of the game. Current reqs are 1 Mil gold, max seals, and event participation. Hope to hear from you soon, and happy gemming.


New spot has opened up. Reqs are 1M gold, 1500 seals, and event participation. All tasks and events are completed, bracket 1 GW, 40k seals every week as well. Strong communication required, send a message on xbox to “tedforever” if you’re an active player interested in a well rounded, top 10 guild.