Rank 8, Heavens Gate recruiting


No worries, I’d very much appreciate the opportunity, and if given a shot I will grasp it by the balls and give it all I’ve got, thanking you heaps from the DEVIL.


Alex, it’s DEVIL I never heard back from you.


I’ve messaged both you and distant, I think distant finally started responding to you.


1 position seeking to be filled before gw. We’re bracket 1 and also close all portals in both raid and invasion. Message tedforever for full reqs or concerns.


Raid is finished for the week, still seeking a member heading into invasion week. Message tedforever on xbox for your opportunity.


1 - 2 players needed in the upcoming week. Message “tedforever” on xbox.


Bump. Message tedforever. High level player for bracket 1. Events, seals, tasks – everything completed weekly.


1 player has been found, 1 spot remains for the coming week. Message tedforever on xbox


Spot is currently being filled, and thank you for your interest. For those still interested in a great top 10 guild, bracket 1 gw, and completes all events, please send tedforever a message on xbox to stay abreast on future openings.


Keep watch on this awesome guild! I like it so much I convinced them to allow me to be a part of it.

If you see a spot open don’t hesitate, or it will be too late, to be great!


Guess this means you’re enjoying yourself pixel, lol. To anyone interested, please message tedforever on xbox.


:gem: I love it here! Reqs are high enough to guarantee good prizes but not so high as to make it seem unreasonable.

:gem_doomskull: I feel privileged to be here and want to do what I can to help out the group.

:gem_red: Like I said before, if you see an opening it won’t stay open very long!

:gem_skull: Reply here and someone will let ted know, if you don’t want to Xbox message.


The search continues for new members who can exceed reqs, communicate effectively, and are willing to succeed in bracket 1 gw. All events completed weekly, 40k seals, dozens of Legendary tasks – message tedforever on xbox :slight_smile:


We were able to fill the spot for the person stepping down this week, but don’t be deterred !! Many have expressed interest and we’ll keep in contact with those willing to join in the future. If you’d also like to be notified of a future spot in a competitive bracket 1 guild that also completes raids and invasions, please message the gt “tedforever”. Thanx for your continued communication and patience. Happy gemming !!


A new position is opening in a few short weeks. Message tedforever to learn more about our reqs. We complete raid and invasion, and are gw bracket 1.


Still seeking a potential member as the school season begins and work schedules change. We complete raid and invasion both, and are a competitive bracket 1 gw guild. Contact “tedforever” for more details.


Update: two spots are becoming available.


Currently have one spot available. Contact “tedforever” on xbox for details.


Seeking one after this coming GW week. Bracket 1, all events completed. Contact “tedforever” on xbox for further details.


Two spots available on Monday. Message tedforever to reserve your spot after GW.