Rank 8, Heavens Gate recruiting


No worries, I’d very much appreciate the opportunity, and if given a shot I will grasp it by the balls and give it all I’ve got, thanking you heaps from the DEVIL.


Alex, it’s DEVIL I never heard back from you.


I’ve messaged both you and distant, I think distant finally started responding to you.


1 position seeking to be filled before gw. We’re bracket 1 and also close all portals in both raid and invasion. Message tedforever for full reqs or concerns.


Raid is finished for the week, still seeking a member heading into invasion week. Message tedforever on xbox for your opportunity.


1 - 2 players needed in the upcoming week. Message “tedforever” on xbox.


Bump. Message tedforever. High level player for bracket 1. Events, seals, tasks – everything completed weekly.


1 player has been found, 1 spot remains for the coming week. Message tedforever on xbox


Spot is currently being filled, and thank you for your interest. For those still interested in a great top 10 guild, bracket 1 gw, and completes all events, please send tedforever a message on xbox to stay abreast on future openings.


Keep watch on this awesome guild! I like it so much I convinced them to allow me to be a part of it.

If you see a spot open don’t hesitate, or it will be too late, to be great!


Guess this means you’re enjoying yourself pixel, lol. To anyone interested, please message tedforever on xbox.