Rank 8, Heavens Gate recruiting

Heavens Gate seeking daily members experienced in GW Bracket 1; usually finish top 3. Raids and Invasion completed every time. Message gt “tedforever” for min reqs; strong communication essential. Responses on this thread are subject to delayed response, please contact the gt provided.


I’ll bump for a class act like yourself. Thanks for being you.

Awww, what an awesome Pixel you are Haha :slight_smile:

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Still accepting proposals for a spot. Happy gemming everyone.

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We’re still recruiting!


Guild Wars week is swiftly approaching and we’re excited to see who has the skill to take Paragon away from our Bracket 1 powerhouses. Message tedforever if you’re tired of being your guild’s paragon week after week.

Not only excelling at GW bracket 1, we’ve completed the invasion yesterday with plenty of time for our members to enjoy the new kingdom and bounty. Strong GW presence, raids and invasion completed, 40k seals, and plenty of legendary tasks every time – we do it all !! Message “tedforever” for your chance at a spot :slight_smile:


As the deadline closes on the start of another GW run, best of luck to everyone in their respective brackets. Happy Mother’s Day to those stateside. We’ll be seeking a new member after GW, but are still interested in your proposals and other inquiries. “tedforever” is the gamertag, hope to hear from you soon.

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There will be another space available at the end of this week’s gw. Fear not, we complete both raid and invasion each week, and will help you prepare for the following gw in that time frame. Send a message to “tedforever” on xbox if you’re interested in competing with and against the very best that Krystara has to offer.

Spots still remain, message tedforever today for an invite upon reset.

Portal 10 is closing shortly at HG. Hope you all enjoy the gnome weekend :slight_smile:

Wanting recruitment, DEVIL WARRIOR_VJNS
I Just sent you a message level 525 and forgot to add name


Waitlisted parties are also accommodated on a first come first serve basis. If we’re currently full or you feel the need to grow more before joining, contact “tedforever” on xbox. We’ll gladly help align you before membership to make your transition as smooth as possible. Mixer streaming and party chat are available.

A spot on the main roster is opening up. Please send a message to “tedforever” on xbox to learn more about this awesome opportunity.

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Approaching final call for a spot before reset and the upcoming guild wars. Bracket 1, message “tedforever” for more info.

Seeking a member before the coming GW. Contact “tedforever” for details.

We’ve filled our last slot and are restarting a waiting list: first come, first considered. If you need an active guild in accordance to our mins or even slightly lower, message tedforever and we may be able to help you find a good temporary home or another permanent home.

A coveted position is opening upon reset. Formal reqs are 500k gold, 1500 seals, and 150 trophies. Raid and invasion mins are just under an equal split. GW bracket 1. Message tedforever for details.

What level is their highest to lowest in there team?
AS I wouldn’t want to look like a jackass if I
wasn’t good enough to apply, if you know what I mean?

Hey devil, the official min is level 500, though we’ve not accepted anyone under level 1000 for quite a while now. I remember you from elite dangerous and can message you before work tomorrow.