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Rank 1 lv58 is so powerful?

How can Ethalion beat my defender team? i’m lv 740 (12 5-star kingdoms).

smart game play, can almost beat anything and he looks as if he used DD which knocked maw to the back. AI you have to remember makes horrible mistakes

I predicted someone would make this type of post when I saw a level 58 person at the top of the leaderboard.


This is not a problem i made this post. I wonder how a lv58 can beat my team. I just look his defender team, I remember his Devil Dust just lv1 and no any trait.

There is a change and a great one that his attack team is vastly different from his defence team.

True, though that screenshot does show that he doesn’t have Empowered on his Dust Devil at least. But as others have said, smart play can beat almost anything.

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My invade team is different from my defense team. I assume that he has a weak defense set up to a) either get more glory from revenges or b) to get easier fights in invades. For some odd reason, if you set a weak defense, you get low level invade choices (that was true last week at least).

It is possible true for casual pvp but i do not know about ranked.

The “favored troop” displayed next to the player in his info is the troop they use the most for invades if I’m not mistaken. So it does seems like he uses that Dust Devil for invades.

It’s impossible vs full traited mythic bd/maw/qm/mersy in any mode.

Right. But, he showed the guy’s defend team. My point was simply that no one knows what team he used to beat the OPs team when he invaded. I have several teams I use to attack depending on the team I’m fighting. I have one team I use most of the time. But, I do have several side teams that I use for tricky battles or just because I’m bored using my reliable team.

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I missed last trait not done but it changes nothing it can be done.

how do we know rest of his team maybe he has a maw to and devoured you maw. your mercy maybe even fed it the mana because ai is dumb

Maw on lvl30 are your seriously?

You don’t understand what i meant, i’m not saying he use the same team with defender team. But i’m sure DD in his invade team, and DD is lv1. Look like 3 troop against my 4 troop.

You have no idea what team he used to invade. There is no way for you to know. However, I’m sure that “if” the player used some exploit to win that the devs will figure it out pretty quickly. They have systems in place to catch hacking.

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The part that makes me wonder is he’s been in his guild 2 days & is level 60. He must have just started playing and yet is #1 on the leader boards? What kind of troops does he have access to that would make this so easy for him?

This is why the forum has a no call-out policy. the game is easy enough that anyone can perform well.


Ever since the leaderboard appeared, people have forgotten the forum has a no call-out rule.


He uses the devil to invade, it is his favoured troop.