Randomly split damage needs attention (buff)

Let’s agree that all 3 dont justify mythic status.

If compared to Famine, then arguably only Death and Gard deserve to be called “base Mythics”.

That’s another issue altogether. :wink:


Thanks for the explanation. I knew Famine was up there for one of the best mythics. I run into him (her? it?) far too often.

But as you were saying, there are better and more reliable single target nukes. Heck, Maw is a guaranteed one shot and gains all their stats.

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Tesla is good only cause she deals true damage and is boosted by gems on board, it’s like split damage on steroids, not regular split damage

Isn’t tesla boosted by armor of all troops?

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Tesla is definitely even better because she deals true damage with her concept scaling of armor, but as @htismaqe mentioned she would still be decent with regular damage due to the sheer amount of damage she puts out.

I would disagree with this statement. She would be good for the first cast but after, you have now taken out the armor that was giving you boosted damage. Her ability to boost off of armor AND do true damage is what makes her awesome.


That’s true. However, she also increases in power (like all split damage troops) as enemy troops die. She doesn’t gain back all of her power over time but she does gain some, just like all other split damage troops.

decent<…>awesome, there is quite some space inbetween that.
Let’s assume you deal 25 damage per target with your first cast, that means you reduced your damage for your second cast by ~6 per target for the next cast, for 19 damage per target, still well in line with average AoE troops.
You can also increase her damage again easily and efficiently by buffing up your team with AoE armor buffers(Suncrest just introduced a cheap and efficient one).
That and split damages advantage once enemy numbers dwindle means she would still be decent with regular damage.