Randomly split damage needs attention (buff)

Continuing discussion from another topic. What does everyone thinks about this suggestions.

Troops that should get some boost to their randomly split damages in my opinion:

  • Autumnal Imp: now deals 3 base + magic > Make it 3 base + magic x2 (would make its magic gains more significant)

  • Dimetraxia: now it has 25% chance ti burn all enemies > make it 100% chance to synergie with Dim’s third trait

  • Dokkalfar: now dealing 4 base + magic > make it base 4 + magic x2 (doesn’t need more as he also summons)

  • Ifrit: now dealing 8 base + magic and burns a random enemy > make it 8 base + magic boosted by burning enemies x5

  • Imp of love: same solution as previous imp

  • Ketras the bull: make its damage randomly split

  • Sacrificial priest: now dealing 12 base + attack of sacrificed troop > make 12 base + 2x attack of sacrificed troop

  • Sharkey: now dealing 5 base + magic boosted by gold collected 3:1 > make it 5 base + magic boostes by gold collected 1:1 (make sharky great again!)

  • Spooky Imp: see solution for the first Imp

  • Spring Imp: see solution for thr first Imp

  • Steam turret: now deals 3 base + magic > make it 1 base + 3x magic (3x because it does nothing else)

  • Summer Imp: see solution for the first Imp

  • Sylph: now deals 1x attack damage randomly split > make it 2x attack damage (even durring this weeks when Sylph is boosted 50% it doesnt deal much damage)

  • Winter Imp: see solution for the first Imp

  • Zephyros: now deals 5 base + magic boosted by yellow gems destroyed in a column x3 > make boost ratio from yellow gems x5


Possibly, DonBoba. But what about making each and every Legendary Imp deal some AoE damage? At least they would have been viable for Endgame players as well then. I have not much faith in this Split around damage, even if magic is increased quite a bit its kinda still meh for me.

I do say, all Imps should deal around 20 AoE with some cool stuff added to it, like now. :slight_smile:
(Winter Imp possibly a little lower AoE since hes dealing true damage.)

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Don’t really agree with all the changes on this list, for example the fact that some of the Ultra Rares would become(or stay) significantly stronger than the Epics on that list, but whatever boost underpowered troops can get, i’m kinda on board with.


Every Imp appears and every Imp gets the same change. :grin: But they actually do need it. When I first started out, I didn’t even know they existed. I hadn’t gotten one to drop and then I never came across them in my battles. After getting 1 to drop, it still took some time to realize that there were 5 others…

I also don’t agree with all the changes either, but I do agree that split damage troops as a group should be reexamined at some point. I don’t think the ability has held up over the years with the increasing health and armor.

Split damage is plenty powerful. See Tesla.

The issue is that many of the troops with split damage are just too weak.

I think @DonBoba you agree, since you listed off a bunch of troop changes. :wink:

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Which ones don’t you like guys? :slight_smile:
Lets discuss it.
I tried to consider their damages being leveled for both early and late game.

As for imps having the same way of change, well all of them gain magic when matching their color. With changing magic scaling from x1 to x2 it would be double the efficient. But someting like AoE on them would be good to see too :slight_smile:


I want to add that poor split around damage troops should be around, but possibly only some common and/or rare rarity should have it.

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On some troops it is. Thats why i didnt list Tesla, Rowanne, Death and maybe a few others. They do their job correctly. But the ones i listed, don’t and we never ever see them used because of it.

Right. I’m just saying the title of the thread is “split damage needs a buff”.

In reality, it’s that several troops that have split damage spells need a buff, as do a great many other troops BTW. :wink:

Thats true, i just wanted to continue the discussion about split damage troops from the earlier topic :slight_smile:
Thats why i focused here on bad split damage troops with Ketras included (who should be changed into split damage :smiley: )

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The ones that already scale with something, like Zephyros, just need to have their scaling factor increased.

I’ll have to look at all of the others 1 by 1 when I get the time.

Agree with you Don. Whilst the benefit of split damage is that it gets stronger as the enemy loses troops, the reality is that in almost all cases you are better off using an AOE spell with even damage as the gains to the magic stat have made them so powerful that you usually kill all enemies at the same time.

I’d love to actually use the imps. Also while I’m on the subject, I’d love to get the elusive spring imp :persevere:


If they all get AoE, then the only thing that differentiates them would be their mana to collect and their traits. This isn’t game breaking because the guild guardians basically do a similar thing (with the exception that they create a different mana color plus your choice).

Me personally, I would like to see more differences within the Imps spells, to give them utility in different teams. But who am I to talk, I use a dragon AoE team as my main team…

One of the biggest reasons fixed AOE troops are generally better is because a lot of them are newer and are closer to the current power curve.

Many of the split AOE troops are older and thus well below the current power curve.

That being said, there are many cases where split AOE can finish off remaining opponents on 1 (or even 2) turns less than flat AOE if you have only 1 or 2 enemies left.

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I guess it is a matter of definition. The basic random split damage scales terribly. Directly compared to basic AoE damage it scales 4 times worse. It needs an additional outrageous scaling mechanic like Tesla and Rowanne have to be relevant.
AoE on the other hand doesn’t need that. Additional scaling mechanics on AoE troops are mostly subtle or even non-existing and the troop can still be relevant with a good base damage.
So split damage as a mechanic indeed needs a buff to its scaling but of course you might aswell put outrageous extra scaling mechanics on each and every split damage troop to keep them relevant.


It’s the scaling mechanisms that make any of them good. Flat AOE without some scaling modifier isn’t always that great.

See Venbarak.

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Yeah but give Venbarak 4 points of extra Magic and he is ok. And even without that he is still somewhat useful albeit weaker than his Dragon breathren.
To make a base split damage troop relevant you’d have to give it like 20+ extra Magic and it will still fall short because of split damages terrible base scaling.


Exactly, it was what I was trying to say a bit above…


Venbarak’s base magic at level 20 is 7. Krystenax’s base magic at the same level is 8.

Venbarak is one of the weakest dragons. Krystenax is arguably one of the best 2 or 3 troops in the entire game. Why would that be? It certainly isn’t Magic.