Randomly split damage needs attention (buff)

We also have bad split damage in newly released troops too. See Slyph. Slyph gets the most damage from boosted by brown enemies. Which even at x10 isnt making her awesome.

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I have to disagree that Venbarak is one of the weakest dragons. I agree his AoE could be a little better, but there is many weaker dragons than him.

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Now we are arguing two different points. Additional scaling effects have an influence either way obviously.
But lets look at Krystenax for example as skewed as this might be as he is an exception to the “AoE troops additional scaling mechanics are usually subtle” rule which is the reason why he is commonly agreed upon to be too strong.
His additional scaling mechanic bumps his base damage up by what, something between 25% and 40%? Let’s say 50% with a favorable board, an AoE troop that is deemed overpowered when it increases its base damage by just 50%.
For a split damage troop to be deemed overpowered the additional scaling effect has to literally multiply its damage many times over.

Exactly, with magic link venbarak is still loved in dragon teams by many. In fact, venbarak v dimetraxia is a great illustration of the point I was making above about scaling


I can’t agree more with all the comments about scaling issues of split damage troops. One magic on a split troop is one more point of damage, where it is 4 points of damage on a straight AoE troop. This just gets even more skewed into late game when you factor in 10 more magic from kingdoms.


May I ask why you want this change? Forgive me, as I have no base mythics, but I thought the intent of Ketras was to be a powerful “one-shotting” troop. Shouldn’t the solution be to buff him to get to those limits.

I don’t see the reasoning for the redesign.

It’s still the scaling itself that is the issue, not the split (or fixed) mechanic itself.

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Only if there is 4 troops. Just saying.

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At any rate, I agree with the general sentiment. Almost all of the split damage troops need a buff.


Take away Krystenax extra scaling factor, it would still deal 22 damage per target, no extra scaling just base damage + magic, still relevant. Or take Crimson Bat, no extra scaling, relevant. No split damage will ever be even remotely relevant with just base damage + magic scaling.

Right but why would we be discussing just base damage + magic scaling? Outside of the old legacy troops we’ve already discussed, virtually none of the newer troops, flat AOE or split, use just base damage plus magic scaling. Almost all of them scale with something else, be it troops, gems, whatever.

We can’t ask for them to design in reverse. They’ve committed to the current power creep. The only way to make split damage troops relevant is to do like what they did with Tesla.

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Sure if you would rather have an outrageous extra scaling mechanic on every single split damage troop instead of fixing the base scaling concept, that is fine for me too, whatever gets them relevant, i don’t care.
But then be aware that just any extra scaling mechanic won’t cut it. It really has to be batshit insane like Teslas or Rowannes. None of that uh get 3 extra damage for some destroyed gem nonsense. It really has to multiply the troops damage.

It’s not what I want, it’s more what I think the Devs will actually agree to.

If we ask them for a buff, we need to be prepared for what happens next, kind of like when people begged for a buff to Death Mark…


Don’t remind me ^^


Tesla is on the modern power curve, and to me, falls more under True Damage. If she did the same amount of Split Damage without True Damage, do you think she’s make the cut?

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Well in addition to increasing Zephyros damage, it also desperately needs to be true damage. His Background as a lightning slinging Storm Giant practically demands true damage, and it would also be a first baby step towards building some kind of synergy around the Giant Mythic Jotnar who currently is the only true damage dealing Giant, one of the reasons why Jotnar is so utterly useless atm. Zephyros is an Epic and he should be much more dangerous than he is now so his base damage should be increased in addition to the boost ratio, or his spell should destroy more gems to allow for increased damage that way.


That’s an excellent suggestion!

Yeah, she still does 20-25 points of damage to all troops. That’s on par with the current power curve. Right now, she’s actually a little above the curve IMO. She makes Crimson Bat practically obsolete.

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Of course you may :slight_smile:

I am not sure how viable is Ketras at lower levels - probably a bit more, but on end game he is one of the worst if not the worst mythics. He is a single target nuke that doesn’t do anything else. So nothing that we didn’t already have. But other nukes have an additional effect usualy, but ketras is just - cast 4 times and hope you don’t die while collecting mana to cast 4 times (in the best case scenario. In a worse one you’ll need more then 4 casts).
Compare it to Famine for example - Famine is not only a better nuke, it also has a full team mana drain and a powerfull third trait. And they are both mythics.


Famine is easily the best Mythic along with Gard. I don’t think it’s fair to compare Ketras with Famine.

Ketras is better than both Plague and War, IMO. I don’t have Pharos-Ra but I also have zero need for souls, so I could see him being useless for me.