Ran multiple accounts, well... used to

There was a way to run multiple accounts on steam. I used this method until the update, now it just goes to my mobile account and I can’t change it using the old “LocalStore” method. Anyway to fix this or did i just lose 2 accounts?

I can’t get into my second account either it just loads my main. @Saltypatra is this a bug or can I not have more than 1 account anymore?

I had the same issue during the beta. I assumed it was because it was the beta.

I can’t get into either of my other 2 side accounts.

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There have been some changes regarding this. You will need to contact support to get your two accounts linked to separate email addresses and access them that way.


Thanks @Saltypatra

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This worked for me! I had the same problem even with separate emails for each account. Create a separate Steam account for each alternative Gems of War account that you want. Log in to the new Steam account, play through the intro for Gems of War, click settings, click account,and input your email and password information for the alternative hero.

Now you just log into the Steam account associated with the Gems of War account you want to play.


I have a virtual machine that I’ll occasionally fire up my wife’s account on. Haven’t tried since this update but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work…

Yeah, I’ll be making a new steam account for my 2nd steam account. Now to get my current steam account to actually recognize the Gems of War account that was made with it instead of my Mobile account.

Im not sure what the issue was. I was scared to even attempt to access my other accounts, but it turns out there is no difference what so ever and I can change users as easily as before.

Maybe others were doing something different than I always have, but all of my accounts have all been linked to separate Steam accounts with separate email addresses, I didnt really know there was any other way.

I’d like to clarify as to whether the separate steam accounts is necessary or not. My accounts are linked to seperate email addresses and I’ve never had an issue with switching them on the same Steam account. As far as I know, Steam credentials aren’t even looked at when logging you into the game because it works in offline mode. The game has its own login credentials created when you create your character or link your account. Is this still the case, or do I now need a second steam account as well if I want to log my second account in on PC? I currently use Nox, an android emulator, to run my second account, but it doesn’t have the shiny new version.

Solution for steam & unity:

Now it uses registry entries instead of files. If you had your accounts linked/registered before you can use this method with a batch below:


@echo off
REM set your SteamLibrary-path here
set adr=D:\Games\SteamLibrary\
REM set default seconds for timer
set def=5

IF NOT EXIST %adr%last.run goto select
set /p lastsel=<%adr%last.run
call :trim %lastsel%
regedit /e %adr%Op%sel%.reg "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Pipeworks\GemsofWar"

echo  Select GoW-Account:
REM add/edit your accounts 
echo    1  MUMOREX
echo    2  MUMOREX ftp
echo    3  ARCHIS
REM edit/adjust the options after /C
choice /T %def% /C 123 /D 1 /M "Your choice (default 1 after %def% sec): "

set sel=%errorlevel%

IF NOT EXIST %adr%Op%sel%.reg goto steam
regedit /s %adr%Op%sel%.reg

echo %sel% >%adr%last.run
REM set your Steam-path here, if not used default setup
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 329110

set sel=%1


You need to save the code between begin & end as a file with suffix .bat (eg GoW_Select.bat)

Adjust the code below the REM lines and run this file as Administrator.

  • Tip: create a windows shortcut for this bat-file and go to properties and set in “advanced” to run as admin.

Important for the initialization:

  1. start GoW with this batch and select your default (1) account and quit GoW

  2. start now again and select your 2nd account. You will be in your main (1). Now go to settings and link your 2nd account and quit GoW

  3. repeat step 2 for more accounts, if you have…

Daily use

once intitialized, you can start the batch and select your account by typing the number.

hope this helps


What I did to access my second account was made a new steam account with a new email then contacted support and gave them the new email and they gave me a password. I played through the tutorial and then put in my new email address and the password they gave me and now I have my second account on a new steam account.

Problem now is when I go on my main account it takes me to the tutorial hopefully support can give me a password to get that account back.

If anyone does do this to access their second account I would suggest doing it on a Monday that way if this happens to your main account you aren’t without it for the weekend. I hope I can get it back before reset so I can do my GW battles.

Thanks for sharing! Quite a time-saver once it’s all set up!

One thing that might be helpful to others: It looks like the new (Unity-based) GoW will still pull an old saved login from the “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\com.infinite-interactive.GoW” folder.

I needed to delete that folder to start with a completely fresh game. I don’t like linking a 2nd account when another real account is already logged-in, since when I did it many months ago, it marked that account as deleted on the server, preventing future logins.

Not sure if it’s required, but I also disabled Steam Cloud sync for Gems of War to be safe.