Raids...4 1/2 months old.. Getting less fun each week


255 gems, that’s pretty much what I have during any given week. Even then, pretty much all of my gems are gone by the beginning of RB or invasion week.


So, that leaves only 245 gems as an actual prize, for third place. For a week long event. With hundreds of guilds competing. Seriously, you’re spending more than half of your prize just to compete. And the guilds which spent the same amount and lost to you don’t win nearly as many gems, and end up either earning a only small handful of gems, barely break even, or actually lose gems in the end.


For raid and Invasion you pretty much have to spend gems to get an exclusive card and weapon you will likely never use again.
GW has variety, is challenging, costs nothing to play and you are rewarded with trophies, gold and anything else you would get from pvp including seals for battles won


You don’t have to get the weapon if it sucks, and you also have the option of crafting it if you want to avoid the gem cost. To get the exclusive card, you pay 100 gems, but even if you choose not to get either, you can still get pretty far into the event just using Mang or Fleshripper. You can literally spend nothing in the event, be in a mediocre guild, and still get a vault key and a couple chaos orbs, which is pretty nice. For guild wars though, if you aren’t one of the top contenders, you might as well not even bother because your prize will always be a few hundred gold and 3-4 copies of a troop who you won’t be able to ascend to mythic for YEARS.


Can the playerbase bribe the devs to replace raid boss with more of the other two modes? I’ll put in a $100.


Bring back 100% GW :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably my least favorite mode, but I don’t dislike it. Could use better individual battle rewards, mostly gold at the pvp rate.
Other than that, I enjoy creating teams I never would.
People nowadays just can’t stand losing. You can see it in other games too.
I say we buy them all the original NES and force them to play it every time they whine about losing,until they grow up. Old video games were at this level of difficulty, and that’s if it didn’t reset itself after u spent 20 mins trying to get it initially working. Lol


You missed my point entirely. It’s not about the rewards it’s about the variety and challenge in GW.
I don’t mind playing the other two, I am glad you enjoy them.I find them too similar to each other. Also, you build a team, maybe make a change but you basically play the entire event with the same team.
For GW you often need a different attack team for every opponent. On that note I will go back to trying to build defense teams for GW that night actually get a win or two.
Enjoy the game modes you like to play, it is a game after all, have fun!


I don’t mind losing, you learn from it, become a better player. Hmm, played that wrong, need to try a different strategy.
If you play this game very long you better get used to losing!
I agree with your other comments on this game mode, right on point.
Have fun


This is a place where not being in the competitive guild skews things and you can’t see the same numbers.

He’s also getting 390 gems from guild tasks every Monday. And Legendary Tasks are giving him keys that, if redeemed, might result in marginally more gems. I’m finding if I really work my tributes, I get at least 50 gems daily. So that means he’s sitting on:

(50 * 7) + 390 + 500 = 1,240 gems after Guild Wars.

If he spends about 750 on the Raid Boss to get Tier IV, he still has 490 left over. Then he gets his 390 and tribute gems again and has 1,230. He only “lost” 10 gems, and likely got them back via other things like the event rewards.

But that’s a chasm we have. It’s not like “join awryan’s guild” is an option for everyone. Only a few hundred people fit in the upper brackets of guilds. I think the different viewpoints are important to understanding how rewarding the events feel.

I think, in general, people in the upper-tier guilds don’t agree as strongly the rewards are bad. They can assume they’ll get all portals and only have to buy Tier IV or V to get there. At that rate, given the other things they get for being in an upper-tier guild, they make a gem profit. It’s also more likely they’re at a game phase where they only care about gem/VIP chests during mythic weeks.

I think, in general, people not in those guilds more strongly agree the rewards are bad. They can’t assume they’ll get all portals from just Tier IV or V. Some of them are in situations where to even have enough sigils they’d have to buy multiples of the last tier. They get less gems per week and overall fewer rewards. In this case, it’s irrational to push for the end portals, so I can see a strong argument for maybe begrudgingly buying Tier III then seeing the sigils as a way to recoup a tiny bit of that investment.

This is a very “rich get richer” problem but I don’t know if it’s a problem. It’s not necessarily “wrong” that high-end players who spend more get more rewards. But this event is accessible to everyone and I think, if we crunched the numbers, it’s not worth shooting for a high level unless you are in a very active guild.

Thing is, I don’t know how to build a challenging, fun event that’s also “very rewarding” for people who don’t play at that level. I think, at some point, you have to accept that your playstyle gets you less. A long time ago, we had single player games that didn’t have to push this kind of activity gap.


I don’t enjoy raids, as i said in the first post I made. I was responding to someone who had made the claim that guild wars have better rewards, which just isn’t true for 99% of guilds.


I like the concept of raids, but feel they’re greatly handicapped by the existing troop pools.

As evidenced by the chatter in the various guild discords, forum posts, reddit, etc., put 10 experienced GOW players in a room and ask them to build the “best” raid team and you’re not going to see very many differences. There just isn’t enough diversity in the troop pools to support many viable options.

If this game is still around in a year or if the dev team and money men decide to release troops more frequently (e.g. like ccg’s such as MTG, Hearthstone, Eternal, etc. do in three figure batches), they’d certainly be more interesting.

As they currently exist, I’ll continue buying to tier 3 for the weapons and higher if the guild needs a push for a final reward, but they’re not “fun” for me personally, from a team building or execution standpoint.


it sucks more and more each week.
guild wars is exciting and competitive, the raids and the invasions are just mind numbingly boring.
i dont penalize guild members who opt of them.
hell , i struggle to play them at all.

bring back weekly guild wars, and make these event optional sideshows for those with mental issues.


These raids taking the place of daily guild battles was the death knell for my guild.



As a mid-level player i enjoy Invasion/Raids on a very intense level. Every week i have to take Mang and grind Explore to build a viable team to do enough for my midling guild. Very enjoyable, but I’ve started building GW teams and slowly traiting and levelling 6 Attack and Defense variants and that immense variety in terms of Mang/God Slayer/Tower troup makes GoW great. I’d love more of it but Invasion and Raids are great for me because they’re a great source of ‘income’. I can see why true end game players might be disillusioned with them, but as someone who’s only recently 5 powered all Magic kingdoms, Raids are still good fun.


It would seem that the limited troop selection is indeed the “tweak” that has crippled the competitive player edge most. If I remember correctly, which might not be the case, you could choose from any troop selection in fighting the raids. However, this would still get old after 1 or two runs for any player as it would just be a forced repetition against a changing opponent field with Zuul dropping kills on each load if you didn’t get him first, or the reverse of dropping him and wiping up afterward again and again until you quit buying sigils or ran out of gems to buy sigils. The rewards are even more lack luster and hold no appeal to anyone over mid 500 to 600 lvl as by then you should have generated enough resources to level and complete any troop that comes out. What I haven’t read yet is any suggestions that could make this event better other than a reward change, but that doesn’t seem like a fix, but rather a compensation increase for what is a broken event in my opinion.


How many tiers do you buy in raids and do you use all your sigils those weeks?


Maybe a bunch of us guilds should get a strike together and skip raid and invasion altogether for a period to get our point across. It would need to be a large number of guilds to make a big enough impact to get the dev attention.


Some guilds tried it with guild wars. Just split guilds apart. And certain guilds will capitalize on it. Great idea, but it’ll do more harm than good in my opinion.


I think they know by now. It’s just a matter of giving them enough time to come up with something different, or a better way to implement these events. Sadly, things like this take lots of time to make sure they are revised correctly, and without further problems. For now, I’ll just take solace assuming they are currently going over the issues we are all describing to them about these events, and that they will fix it sometime in the near future.