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Raid Shop rewarding Broken Spire Troops

I just bought Tier VI in the raid shop and realized too slowly that the packages were giving me broken spire troops and not Sword’s Edge. Given that I need those troops for this raid, this is not great. I didn’t take an immediate screenshot as I was opening them as I didn’t process the bug fast enough. However, here are my upgradeable troops showing all the new Luthers and Flame Trolls I just got.

Not too thrilled about dumping all these gems into this right now.


Yes, I saw it too, luckily I bought Tiers I and II so far.

@Saltypatra has said the devs are working on a fix here:

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A support ticket required for receiving the wrong troops?

I don’t care about the kingdom troops much, tho I guess most do…

Unimpressed by this though:


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I got broken spire troops. I dropped 250 and received only one troop. I have the video. I want my gems back.

Kafka told me to do a ticket

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also don’t need Broken Spire troops, so hope they can do something…

i need the Sword’s Edge troops for 9 stars, so just want my 850 gems back

A ticket is the answer. Sooooo tedious

We are working on a fix now. :slight_smile: Please send in a ticket.

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This is now fixed on PC and we are putting out the fix on console. Should be sorted in 15 minutes. :slight_smile:


Where is my 3.4?

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Not today :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, what are you waiting for as rumor has it patch is approved?

Ticket submitted

Thank you.

I also have this issue. I bought the first three tiers and got broken spire troops. The items given for buying Queen’s Herald also displayed wrong. It showed the items you’re supposed to get from the glory shop (Vanguard, 4 minor fire traitstones, 1Arcane Blood Traitstone, 5k gold, 10 gold keys, & 2 glory keys). But it did actually give me Queen’s Herald like it should.

I play on the iPad, by the way.

I’ve get Broken Spire troops from raid shop too (tier 1 and 2). Steam version.

Is it too much to ask to have ONE single week start WITHOUT AN ISSUE??? Clearly there’s no QA department.

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