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Raid Boss Shop Issue

Platform, device version and operating system

iPad Air 2, 11.3, iOS

Screenshot or image

I used gems to make the first three purchases (75, 100, & 150, I think) in the Raid Boss Shop. Although it did properly give me Queen’s Herald like it was supposed to, it didn’t give me the proper “kingdom troops” like it should have. I’m guessing that, since the Raid Boss event is focused on Sword’s Edge, the “kingdom troops” should come from there. However, I was given troops from Broken Spire. This happened each time I was supposed to receive “kingdom troops”. Is this wrong or not? Thank you.

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This a known issue that was resolved shortly after reset. Broken Spire troops were appearing in the shop rewards instead of Swords Edge.

The development team will be organising compensation later today to send out automatically to all players who were affected by the issue.


The compensation is perfect. Thanks for taking care of those of us who were effected.

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Got my compensation shortly after reset, thanks devs for sorting that :+1:


You’re welcome! Thank you for your patience with this issue :heart: