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Raid rewards are a epic fail!

I am just curious did the dev look at other games that have raid boss? Every other game I have ever played with raid boss’s has had two ways of earning rewards. You get rewards for different amounts of points earned and rewards for total amount of points your guild gets. The rewards are small to start out but gradually get better the more damage you do. Raid events are usually one of the best ways to earn resources in most games but not GoW. GoW raid is a joke as far as rewards go and make the raid a waste of time and resources.


“AN epic fail”. Writing a wrong article is another epic fail.

Although… you have to admit 25 gems, 5 arcane runes and 3 celestials aren’t great rewards for having an entire guild finish the 6-7-8 tier.

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For Portals 6-7-8 the rewards should total:
13,500 gold
1,350 souls
4 Event Keys
25 Diamonds
5 Arcanes
3 Celestials
1 Orb of Chaos

per player in the guild


Bad title, but not wrong.

Rewards are worthless. I’m rank4 on Xbox because I bought a bunch of sigils without checking first. Will not be buying any more.

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All those rewards are worthless you listed ozzball and a fraction of what they should be.


You mean Portal not Tier, right?

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Correct, I’ll fix that. I was going off what Fornico said, and the rewards they described were the portal ones.

Honestly, I don’t really care about the portal rewards as I take it as a gift.

The issue for me is the rewards after each battle: low amount of golds, no glory (!) and no trophy… I hope there should be some improvements on this part.
EDIT: oh I forget, and no Collection stones!!! (snotstones).


Exactly Turintuor! It takes a lot of time away from meeting req for the guild. If you have that many gems to burn on sigils then chances are you’re in a top guild and have other priorities besides hours of grinding explorer rewards.

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Not explore rewards. Explore gives way more, especially in terms of Gold. It’s basically challenge rewards for repeated challenges. Which… I suppose kind of matches. In the bad way.


We lost 2 long time guild mates due to the changes. Hope the devs listen to feedback.


Yeah I’m afraid this is going to lead to another mass exodus just like gw did.

Yeah… considering the average person is spending around 600 gems to get that accomplishment, the rewards could be better. The content itself is great.

I’ve compiled the rewards we gather by closing the portal (2 minion’s one + 10) :

- Gems : 55
- Gold : 33.5k
- Souls : 3350
- keys : 10 event + 1 vault
- Diamonds : 30
- TS : 8 runic, 5 arcanic, 3 celestial
- Orb : 4 + 1 greater

Since you need to buy at least Tier 2 of the shop, gems are neutral in the best case. In fact it’s even negative because with ascension, Godslayer is limited. We all know the drain that represents.

Gold and souls are totally irrelevant. Gold represent less than 10 PvP fights (so less than 10 minutes), and souls represents 1 arena in easiest mode. And we have trophies by doing so, as said before.

Diamonds represents 0.75 % of a mythic. For hours of work, it’s sooooo rewarding.

Traitstones : always nice to have some, but does not worth the effort that represents. End-gamer does not need them at all. As a mid-tier player (not all units traited), i already don’t need this. And low tier guild won’t reach. So it’s addressed to no one …

Keys : always nice, but such a low amount :o Vault key is a gamble : i got some gems, friends got 200 souls and 2.5k gold …

Orbs : For me, totally useless. The same as traitstones. My first orb gave me a growth one. I spend gems in the shop, fight repetitively, etc. To gain something that will add 1 level on 1 troop :open_mouth: O-N-E level. I feel so good that i know devs rewards at this point my effort… I know that there’s that uber troop to be crafted, but i’ll pass my turn. And if i gained the ‘trait’ one, it won’t be useful too, considering efforts. Maybe the ascension one, for the imps. But what’s the chance to get it ? And the greater one is not possible to reach unless each player inject 500 gems or even more (it needs 16.6k points per player to be reached)

The LB, unless you chase 1 orb more, it will never cover the investment in term of gems.

And i say elsewhere, where’s the fun ? Did someone enjoy play this mode ? I mean, i find some people neutral to it, just gring and that’s all. I find, and I am, some people really negative on it. But none I see are fine with it, or excited by it. And it’s not again : “it’s the visible part that express, most are OK”. In our guild Discord, none are OK with it, and we are 120 in the group…


Guild wars: spending 340 gems for all sentinels to 5 for a goal of winning 1500 gems. (+1160)

Raid boss: spending 1900 gems (1800?) for all tiers for a goal of winning 700 gems. (-1200)



You missed some important math there: Guild wars is potentially +1160 for 30 players per platform. Raid Boss is -1200 (or more - you can buy tier 7 multiple times) for everyone.

I deliberately wrote example for just 1 player, not whole guild because on Monday reset you dont receive the awards of your guildmates. But your precision about whole guild totals show even more that the rewards for raid boss event are really bad compared to GW.

Huh I must admit the high level boss is missing it’s epic loot. A large increase in gold and souls reward would be nice, and since they are easily found elsewhere in the game isn’t going to hurt anyone much.

That would hurt shop sales of Gold and Souls. Can’t have anything short-circuiting the beautiful, paved road leading directly to the shop (now with matching neon lights and a flashing arrow, just in case you missed it). :wink:

I agree though, the rewards suck compared to doing pretty much anything else that takes the same amount of time. In a game based on gathering resources, time efficiency is king. Hopefully raid rewards get looked at to make them more worthwhile for the time spent.