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Raid Boss Weekend: Zhul'Kari

Originally published at: Raid Boss Weekend: Zhul’Kari – Gems of War

Returning Raid Boss Troop: Tarantella Tarantella has returned to lead Zhul’Kari during this weekend’s Raid Boss. You can get him from the Event shop during this event. New Weapon: Aranaean Bloom This weekend it will be available in both the Event shop, and in the Soulforge.

In the ‘News’ the game refers to Suncrest Troops instead of Zhul’Kari :wink:

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This is a known issue, sorry for the inconvenience!


No inconvenience, just a little confused when I opened the game after daily reset :sweat_smile:

Glanced at the title rewarded with the last tier: Archnophile. Shouldn’t it be Arachnophile, i.e. liking spiders, or am I missing a pun?


RNG chooses the letters, so they have no control over what it says.