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Raid Boss Video

I agree, however, better late than never. :wink:

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Great video! Outstanding! I know I have pestered you folks for videos multiple times especially recently and this one did not disappoint :grin:. As others have mentioned is there any way to get the other Event videos out a day before the Event starts (and it will help build hype).

@Saltypatra you can even post the “Invasion” one on reddit first THIS Sunday if you want to drive traffic there😉 considering the reddit AMA had to be scrubbed.

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Preview: an opportunity to view something before it is acquired or becomes generally available.

  • Stoic Arcane? Really?
  • you totally forget to talk about Valraven…
  • it seems the Boss will be with the same 5 different troops… The pool is not changing week after week? That’s boring…
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How about a Guild Wars preview?



Is there any reason why Zul-thing has only a few troops to field?
It’s extremely boring.

Also, Shentang is a TERRIBLE kingdom to go first. There are no exploders, for starters.

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I see the damage needed to close all the portals has already been reduced. This was already easy for my guild. No need for some of us to even buy tiers

Yes to this. No-one wants to see a “level ridiculous” Infernus, but a little variety would be nice.

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Lol… You think it’s rough now. Just wait for the next Kingdom. Glacial Peaks

Lots of freezing, that’s better than lots of nothing, and freeze as multiplier to damage. There’s also webbing at very cheap price, and of course our lady love, Mab.

Do you know how the Spoiler thing works? Lol

the raid boss is immune to all of that

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…the rest of his party isn’t.

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He DOES have a sexy voice.


It went first to maximise the chance people would spend gems to get troops, as it was a very recent kingdom and many of us wouldn’t have all the troops yet.

I have no problem with it going first and building a team there - Diviner is an excellent transformer to feed Xiong (Godkiller) or a yellow hero. Sad if we feel we need an exploder to make a viable team.


I thought we lucked out getting a troop that transformed into a color that the Godslayer used. We’ll have no such luck in the future lol.


Can’t tell if Glacial Peaks is next or if it was just used as an example

i prefer use the monkey he feed both and also give healh and start 75% mana, i know health change nothing against the boss but still help against other troops

btw a nice anti famine team


red/green flag

There are too little hitters. Diviner makes no damage and so do Monkey and Emperor Liang.

Explorers: they make everything easier. And faster. It’s a good thing in a boring, long, boring, long and also boring sequel of battles with no gain whatsoever.

Also I Iike explodey things.

I seem to be doing fine with Diviner powering Xiong and Dawnbringer.

Maybe true, but I’m not sure exploders handing a random board to enemies with 100+ Attack stat is a good thing. Exploders make you win fast but occasionally make you lose fast - give a good board to a high level boss team and I think we lose very fast.

So far I don’t feel this way about it. Enjoying the variety. Beats slogging against meta crap drain or dwarf teams, which was just a worse version of every other PvP day.

Me too, don’t get me wrong. They’re fun and fast. But volatile. Also saddens me a bit that the game and rng drifted to reward this mash-spells-every-turn-without-looking-at-the-board play-style…

At the end of the video:

“Now while guild wars are non-competitive between guilds…”

Pretty sure you misspoke there and meant Boss Invasion. Guild Wars are most certainly competitve between guilds.

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