Raid boss Questions and answers

According to the patch notes, there will be a shop for raid, invasion and bounty. It doesn’t mention a shop for the vault event.

So, some weeks will have 2 shops available while others just have 1. (Bounty is a side event. The notes state side events can happen once a month.)


While we mentioned Bounties will have a Shop, we have never said that The Vault events will have one.



My bad oz i was trying to find the patch
Note to confirm

Touché. :slight_smile:

Although, I can beat the dungeon with my soul farm team, so…


Heh, yeah a lot of higher level players have no issues with the dungeons. But lower level ones do struggle occasionally.


There we go sorry bad memory :slight_smile:

I tease. That is good to know since I forgot dungeons have a boss type.
I’m sure it can come in handy for the new players that get them.


@Ozball is there more then 4 tier in the shop?

I know we can just wait 1h45 and see by ourself but it will be more fun to know now :stuck_out_tongue:

The slider cannot lie :wink: . It’s easy to reproduce what I did.

Again nothing in Sirrian’s post said that there are only 4 Tiers.
Moreover, he expects guild to pay 500 gems and that “paying players” fight for 1st rank so I guess that these PP should give more than for the guild expectation.
Finally, we get one copy of the special troop at Tier 2, let’s say the weapon Tier 3 and what? Tier 4: 15 copies of the troop? Noooo. Surely we will have a Tier with 5 copies and another one with 10 copies.

And if there are 7 Tiers my estimation is something like 2100 gems by week.

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You better be right, i took your side. Lol
In another way i want you to be wrong cause wow 2000 gems that a s***load of

I definitely hope that is wrong.

Well, I’m done with speculation time. lol
I’ll wait to see the actual number of tiers and the costs presented at reset. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am a paying player (VIP 6). I’ve spent over $200 US on this game, and I’m against the idea of there being a leaderboard that can be won by Paying-to-Win. A hallmark of Gems of War for me is that you can achieve everything the game has to offer without pulling out your wallet…which is exactly why I’ve spent as much as I have.

There are a lot of players who consider raw Gems to be the most valuable currency, and now two weeks out of every three, we no longer have that income to look forward to…unless Raid/Invasion rewards are going to include VIP keys (which is what I spend my Gems on). If that is the case, I will happily withdraw the cynicism! :slight_smile:

I was really hoping we weren’t headed for another Gem nerf and we’re getting a double-sided one - no Gems from rewards + Gem sink in the form of the shop. The rewards from Raids and Invasions need to be awfully nice to overshadow this or I’m predicting some major backlash.

Do the devs control the financial side of the game? I always thought that was the publisher’s privilege.


I’ve never really understood what a publisher does for games that are digital. I get when a game is pressed to a disc, packaged, and shipped, that is the publisher that handles it. What do they do for digital games? Advertise? Maybe put up the money for the game to be developed in the first place like a producer?

We don’t have any informations about the drop rate of the troops: will it be like Event keys or Gem keys?

In short, what’s the probability to get a Legendary?

When it comes to financials, let’s not be too naive. Everyone wants more money.

It still is based on skill. Isn’t money a measure of skill? At life? There you go, most skilled get power orb.

No, not really. A lot of people get money for doing very little, and many hard workers get very little for their efforts. Life is great, isn’t it?


Hard work doesn’t relate to skill. Efficient work does. Too many people don’t want to understand that.

If you think someone is getting too much money for what they’re doing, go do it too. It’s called competition.

55 min to go!!!