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Raid boss (Ghulvania)

Hi everyone, it’s Raid boss time and it also mean it’s time to share some good team suggestions :slight_smile:

i just started the event so im going to try this team and might change if i see better suggestion

Hero mang

What about you guys?

Edit: i can already say the web oponent going to be a pain

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Lol i forgot the devour and agile Tzathoth
I won’t enjoy this event :frowning:


Mang is somewhat risky. Hope’s Crescent is more reliable since it can instakill the boss or leave it with 10-40 hp, enough for Banshee or Carmella to finish off. Boss is dead = you’re almost guaranteed to win the fight.

Bat Swarm

Probably should replace BS with Vargouille for mana generation even if it’s blocked and Wraith with Carmella when Boss’s stats go too high.

Class is Archer or Orbweaver for +7 magic. Deathknight has +20% +10 % buff this week though and +2 magic from traits. Will it be enough to outweigh Archer? My free class change is on cooldown now, can’t check that.

EDIT: Archer has 27 magic, Deathknight 24. Not worth switching.

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Draakulis one of the mythics I don’t have yet, might be a tough one this week for me.

Yup i will try new hero weapon
Just lost against tzathoth, he devored 3 troops in a row and of course is agile

I hate this guy lol


Of course valraven is immune to death mark lol these devs are funny

And to Silence.

Tried a few stages with the new weapon, but didn’t really seem helpful at all. Hope’s crescent is way better

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Well i find it useful when it work but the problem is when the boss is dead it’s useless.

The weapon should work on everyone it would be better and also could be use outside of raid boss

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Historically, it’s useless even before the boss is dead. Many of the troops we face in Invasions/Raids are immune to instadeath effects like Death Mark anyway.

All in all the event weapons face a really nasty design problem. I don’t think the new upgrade system will fix it. I’m not going to hijack this thread though, it might make a neat new thread.

(Eh, actually, I started to write it and it’s just too much effort. All I wanted to say, really, is the current bar for “impressive” is Mang. Damage is the only thing that matters in these matches. Poison and Burn are too slow. Disease is nice, but the longer a Raid/invasion match goes the worse off you are.

“Strip armor” is good in these battles because you expect it to be worth 100+ points of armor when you do it, and everything’s got armor. “Convert that armor to something” is good because we’re talking a LOT of armor. “Do scaling damage” of some sort is pretty good. “Give my team barrier” is usually OK.

But that’s it. If a weapon’s not doing “strip armor” plus at least one of those other things, it won’t be relevant in boss-oriented battles. Too much depends on being able to do 300+ damage as soon as possible to settle for anything else.)


Hey, while looking at the troops for Raids, I had a sudden realization. Shouldn’t the Bat Swarm troop be Beast and Undead? Bare with me here:

The bat transforms into Nosferatu (a vampire, which is an Undead creature) and in turn, he can transform into the Umberwolf (also, an Undead creature).

So, how can the Bat not be Undead too? By leaving the Bat just a Beast, you are basically saying that a Live Bat can transform into an Undead creature, that can then transform into a Live creature/bat again.

That goes against Undead mythology, as a whole. The reason it’s called Undead is because they are “living” Dead. But, they aren’t actually alive, in the same way a Human troop would be, or a Beast one, or whatever.

So, yeah, Bat Swarm should be Undead. Is it a huge deal? I suppose, not really, but it does effect team bonuses and also would effect any “create a mix of Color A and Color B” hero weapon that boosts based off of Undead and you wanted to use the Bat Swarm in your team.

I know I’m “nerding out” a bit here, but next to Dragons, Undead stuff is like my favorite thing (and troop type). So, I’m just trying to give the Bat troop a fair shake and such.


I just noticed that Hope’s Crescent works rather nicely with Dark Priestess.

She boosts the Hero’s attack, creates skulls and reduces the Hero’s Life, thus making it more likely to trigger the bonus damage :slight_smile:

Good for those of us who don’t have Draakulis etc yet!


I can’t express how much I hate raid boss 150 with that ******* Webspinner continuously spamming it’s ******* ability for multiple ******* turns and whipping my whole team…

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Dragonator8000 and Winters Woe weapons Freeze enemies…

Taz 17 casts today, 12 devours. No fun in that, must go with the head at the start of the week and not bother!

I have had fun with all of the Raids so far, but I have to admit this one is a pain in the a**. It sucks when you fight troops that are way stronger than they should be and can web, devour, mana drain, etc. BUT they still only require 8 mana. Oh, and the troops we have to pick from don’t have the right skills to contradict. I mean, I am all for it be challenging and hard, but this is just a bit ridiculous.

Also, why aren’t Undead immune to devour? I mean, who really wants to eat a dead corpse? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I am very serious when I say this:

If the game offered to let me spend a sigil and watch an ad in return for the raid boss points and a virtual loss, I’d be OK with this. At some point, it takes me several minutes to pull off “kill one troop then hope I lose fast”. That’s time I’d rather spend playing PvP or Explore.


Totally agree, and imho it’s starting to look like a very poor sell as raids gone on - with the ‘gifts’ attained (i.e nearly always orb of growth) and the troops being totally anaemic.

I’d also watch an ad for a free sigil. Might be in the minority here, and maybe they don’t want to go in this direction also, but there it is.

My team this week is Machinist-Mang/Carmella/Banshee/Dark Priestress.

Although new Armor-Destroying Mang weapon keep coming up, original Mang still beat them all in term of speed. It doesn’t even matter what level of Raid Boss you’re on, once you successfully cast Mang on Zuul’Goth, you just have to try matching skulls. (or creating more) to one-shot everything with no skull reduction.

It’s pretty unreliable for sure, with high change to die from bad cascades before finishing the job. But when you able to get skull, the match will never be longer than 90 seconds. So you either win quick or lose quick, which almost no worry about enemies’ spell, so that work for me.

I have tried other strategies in other Raid/Invasion, but none with great success as this. So now, for top 2 troops I’ll stick with Mang/Godslayer for Raid, and Siegebreaker/Hope’s Crescent for Invasion.