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Raid boss (Ghulvania)

the same for me

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As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ll try to set things up so my opponent can match skulls or get spell casts off to finish the game quickly if I have no chance of winning, generally because I’ve lost Mang and my other troops aren’t up to the job (and the Boss Killer is now a waste of space…)

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I think I’d be so much happier with the event if I had a choice between “the last level I defeated” and “try to beat the next level”.

I don’t need select-a-level like in Bounties, I think there should be some tiny punishment for pushing too far. But in the last boss battle, I ended up about 10 levels further than I wanted to be, and a lot of “Do I want to continue?” had to do with what I had to face in the next round.