Quit locking topics

You devs and mods get so butthurt over everything. No body can have a good debate because you all are constantly locking every topic. I for one enjoy reading them and then you all come along and lock them. Grow up and let people have a good ol fashion heated debate.

I’ve noticed that threads generally get locked due to the same handful of forum members derailing threads with continuing personal/guild vendettas.


Well, I suspect I also wouldn’t be happy having a bunch of people screaming at each other on my front lawn, especially with kids in the house.


Keep locking topics.

I am tired of wasting my time trying to read about a subject only to have to sort through the same people insulting each other for 60% of it on yet another post.

If anything I think they let it go on too long and are too lenient.

A “good ol fashion heated debate” isnt someone calling someone else an idiot/loser/coward a half dozen different ways. Those are the only threads I have ever seen locked and they deserve to be. Since they will not ban repeat offenders it is the only recourse so I dont have to read about how Player A banged Player Bs mom last night or whatever childish insult they decide to use.


I enjoy the drama, it’s Gems of Wars and without rivalries the game probably would have died ages ago.

So take a chill pill, pretend it’s the National Enquirer and you’re reading about how Harry uses Mixer and Meghan steal all her teams from Prince Phillip.


I very rarely lock topics, and the last one I locked as the user that started it asked me to lock it.

Its comical so thank you for personally not locking these topics. . I understand no call outs or bad words but if its just arguing over nonense then let it be. I enjoy reading them.

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I think a lot of times topics are locked for good reason, mainly one or more of:

  • It’s blatantly against forum guidelines.
  • It’s about an incendiary topic not likely to foster reasonable discussion.

The second is still a vague form of the first. I think most topics that should be auto-locked are waaaaaaay off-topic for a GoW forum, and I don’t even want to create examples because that’s sort of like posting the topic.

What gets my goat is when people derail an otherwise on-topic topic so badly it ends up getting locked. It doesn’t happen often, but I always feel like I’d rather see the people get spanked instead of the thread.


Still an option!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


there are guild vendettas? here? seems like…overkill

I personally prefer when my topics pop. lock? not so much

You never know until you try.