Question: How do I add Hyperlinks to end of post?

Sort of messed up my last post, while attempting to link to a previous thread which had initiated the same topic.

How or where do I add one of those grey “topic link urls” to the bottom of my post?

The “Share link” icon is for sharing the current link to twitter or facebook, so I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for. Thanks.

There is a “Hyperlink” option in the wysiwyg editor at top, to the right of Italic (I)

i think if someone puts a link leading to your topic anywhere in another topic , then your topic OP will receive a link on the bottom leading to that “another topic” where it got linked from

or if someone anywhere in your topic inserts a link to anothert topic it will be also added on the bottom of your OP

one of these two

I think @Annaerith knows what I’m getting at. That boils down to suggesting that WE can’t add those links ourselves, it only happens indirectly when other people link to our posts. I might try that out. Please correct me if I’m wrong of course.

Appreciate your help.

looks like the first of the options i mentioned

just checked with this

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ok I’ll try editing the post in question to try that, here goes

Nope sorry, link thingy didn’t quite work out. But at least my guild issue was fixed. Whoohoo

you need to put link in the topic you want to get link from xD not sure what did you try to do

like i put the link to my thread in here and my thread received the effect you wanted

so if you wanna collect a bunch of links in your thread you would have to run around and put link to your thread in the bunch of topics u want to link to

basically anybody ever wishes can put a link anywhere leading to your thread and you will receive it pinned on the bottom

kinda counterintuitive to what you want, anybody huh :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, but what it did was QUOTE the link I had inserted, instead of just putting the grey Subject:Url link instead (complete with the little chain-link icon) at the bottom of the post.

may i see it?

btw u know the bottom link will only add to OP, right?

No I accidentally overwrote the QUOTE while experimenting. This link thing may be in one of my older posts, let me do some digging.

if your “last post” is considered an OP then all you need to do is comment anywhere in the “previous thread” including a link to the “last post” in that comment.

then the “last post”’ OP will get the link to “previous thread” pinned on the bottom automatically

i hope that clears it, sorry for talking over and over the same, cheers :slight_smile:

Well I know what you’re saying, it’s just that it appears really really inconsistent with whether the link is added.

For reference, the links I’ll asking about are the ones with the little chain-link icons at the bottom of Sirrian’s post that I’m pasting here:

its always added, from the outside, i can just do it for you if you show me to which thread you want to have what linked :stuck_out_tongue: (these two bottom links were added by players in those respective threads, not by Sirrian in his OP)

Success! Got the linking to work using a hyperlink instead. Only took like four tries xD

Many thanks Anna!

Example: Your post here will now have a hyperlink to this one :slight_smile:

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you still got me all curious about that mysterious thread and its links :stuck_out_tongue:

oh lovely :smiley: we both learned something, thank you

You’re very welcome! The post I was trying to wrestle down was this one over here.

Fortunately the great folks at 505games Support came through and fixed that one up. And yes, I think we’re supposed to continue sending in console tickets to 505.

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Oh, new question while we’re at it. How do I correct my previously posted text by crossing it out, like you did in Post #3?

Also, how do we do:

large text with italics

^^ similar to this, which I sometimes see written by Ozball using LARGE TEXT that looks like Verdana font but surrounded with asterisks. I think it involves special characters that aren’t on the standard keyboard, though.

crossed text you get using [ s ] text [ /s ] without the spaces

Not sure about bigger text i only know about adding “—” on the line below to make it big

Perhaps he used cursiva(emphasis)?

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