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Question about GW promotion and demotion


We finished previous GW on rank 08 in the bracket 02:

Somehow, we are in bracket 03 this month.
I am not sure to understand.
The last one from our bracket went to Bracket 04 (fair enough)
The 9th one went to B3 (understood too)
But how come we also go down to B3? There are 3 guilds that are supposed to move down?
Is this a feature, or a bug?

Thank you for any feedback.

Thats how it works in bracket 2 and below. Last place moves down by 2. 2nd and 3rd to last move down by 1.

In bracket 1, bottom 2 move down by 1


Ok, thank you. for the longest time was used to B1. So not familiar with these rules. Time to go back up then…

More info here if youre interested