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Quasit and how to tell what it actually does!

The front of the card reads; Reduce random skill on Enemy by X

There are four skills correct?

If you reduce magic to 0 HOW can the troop gather and cast spells???

I am very confused and very frustrated because my lovely Quasit ended up with magic ungodly (thanks to Sacrifice Guardian) and did 65 point reduction on Lady Sapphire - which brought her to zero - but she still was able to cast not once but again and do 5 points direct damage to everyone…

I don’t understand.

Some spells have a base damage value that gets amplified by Magic. (usually only 1 point or so) Lady Sapphira’s spell is one of these. She deals [Magic+1] True Damage to an enemy, so if her Magic is 0, then should should be dealing 1 damage with her spell.

You were saying she did 4 damage though? and to all enemies?

Individual castings but yes, didn’t matter.

Seems odd; If cast 65 against life/shield or attack, the troop dies, doesn’t have shield or does 0 on skull = even on 4/5 match.

So why does 0 magic work differently?

Reason I asked is that when she was the only thing left - my little quasit couldn’t take her out, and she took out the rest of the team - one attack at a time widdling our points down.

The downfall of ending up when there are just quasits left.

Just as an aside, a 0 attack unit WILL do 1 damage on a 4/5 match, even the walls do this.

But yeah, Sapphira should have only done 1 damage. Are you 100% sure that it reduced her magic and not another stat?

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Unless the little globe that pops up when you decrease magic means something else now… Pretty sure and it said 0 on the card. And the other stats were still in tack (which annoyed me elsewise because gosh it kept hitting the magic which was already at 0 and not the life or the attack.

I’ve not played much with Quasit before this week. I’m doing it with a Erinyes and I’m not sure I understood the mechanics.

Okay here’s the latest scenario -

Quasit - hits with 24 Queen Mab (fully traited and has 27 life left) -the HEART grows as to indicate it was the skill hit. End of turn - still at 27. I did this three times against Queen Mab and cannot for the life of me figure out why her life never reduced. (Team at this point comprises of Valk, Princess Fizzbang and Queen Mab.

I know it worked on Valkyrie since I made sure and she went POOF.

Btw, how does one video capture game on PC?

Another piece (fighting the same battle since it was a PVP - went into battle log)

If Shield is empty - Heart pulses on hit and doesn’t reduce (Stayed at 27)

If Shield isn’t empty and Hearth pulses on hit - it does reduce. (Went from 27 to 3)

Btw, anyone says that Fizzbang is supposed to be more random on firing off and exploding the board - last game (I was focused ONLY on Queen Mab trying to reproduce the scenario) she fired off 27 times, 6 times in a row. What was disturbing was even with only 3 green gems she 2/3rds of the board. That’s better than my TDS.

Because each troop has a unique spell that makes use of magic in its own way. If the troop spell deals [magic] damage, 0 magic will indeed cause it to deal no damage. There’s usually some static component on top to ensure spells are never without effect, even at 0 magic. Just like you’ll always get some minor damage out of 4/5 skull matches, even when at 0 attack.

This is a thing that programmers innately get because we cause bugs with it all the time, but doesn’t come up a lot in real-life scenarios.

“My magic is disabled” is not the same thing as “I have zero magic”.

Think of it like you have a flashlight. If you have batteries, and the batteries are charged, you can turn on the flashlight.

If the batteries run out, you have “zero electricity”, and the flashlight won’t work. But sometimes if you let dead batteries sit long enough, they happen to come back to life and you get a weak flashlight. That’s what happens when you’re at 0 magic: your batteries are almost dead. You can still do SOMETHING, but it’s dramatically different than when you had magic.

Now imagine I take your flashlight away. That is “my flashlight is disabled”. Even if you get new batteries (more magic), you can’t turn the flashlight on because you don’t have it. This is “my magic has been disabled”: nothing magical is working for you so even if you had 1,000 magic, it’s useless.

It is as ozball explained.

Most troops have a base value to their spell which is then boosted by Magic.

When Magic is 0 then the spell deals its base value.

Magic can be reduced to 0 temporarily by web, which is a status effect, or permanentely by spells or traits like quasit, Xathenos or Dracos1337.

A webbed troop can still Cast, but its spell will not be boosted by Magic since it’s 0. The same aplies when Magic is reduced.

So it’s beneficial to let a webbed enemy cast, the same way you let entangled troops take skulls.

That is the worst analogy I have ever read.

Read the spell descriptions here:

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I assume you’re refering to the fleshlight analogy, right?

If so, I agree with you.

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Freudian slip of the day


Except magic is still rather different, isn’t it? A troop with 0 attack will do AT MOST 1 damage.

A famine with 0 magic (or that is webbed) casting against a The World Breaker full of mana will do 69 damage - a static 5 + a boost of 64.

This is why silence is much, much better than web.

And this is why the in-game spell descriptions are unhelpful because players don’t know which numbers, if any, scale with the magic stat other than through trial and error (or looking at Lyya’s site)

I feel this particular issue could be addressed with a bit of highlighting.

Fallen Stars: Explode 11 random Gems. Deal 8 damage to all enemies, boosted by number of Dragon allies. Gain 15 Souls.


Well, yes, just like Armor isn’t the same as Life.

1 damage for a 4-match, 2 damage for a 5-match, subject to status and trait modifiers.

Silence prevents spells from being cast, web allows them to be cast with possibly severely crippled effect. How much value you can get out of Web over Silence depends a lot on how good you are at guiding the AI towards inefficient actions, skull baiting isn’t the only option.

It’s almost always a linear 1:1 relationship. Agreed though, a more detailed breakdown would be a Nice Thing™.

That was no slip :smirk:


Is that correct? I thought it was 1 damage regardless of 4 or 5. Does enrage still double it? Again, I thought it did not.

EDIT: just tested and you are correct. If a troop has 0 attack:

  • matching 3 does 0 damage, matching 4 does 1 damage and matching 5 does 2.
  • Enrage doubles the above damage scores.

What I meant is that any of the other stats doesn’t have a fixed number which cannot be changed and a dynamic number which can. In this sense, armour, life and attack are the same and magic is different.

The bonus points for 4/5 matches are, in my opinion, very different to the fixed numbers/effects in a spell.

Still too little information, the text descriptions on your site tell the whole story.

It’s not just the Enrage buff, there’s also traits like dealing triple skull damage to Frozen units or five times the skull damage to Knights.

This seems to apply both to Attack as well as Magic. Of course, Attack has only one calculation formula attached because there is only one way to hit with skulls. Spells each need a different calculation formula, otherwise players would be wondering why all troop spells have the same effect.

Well yes, but given the real estate limitations of the game (particularly on Mobile), I don’t see how they can feasibly tell the whole story while leaving the descriptions easy to parse.