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PvP Why is it based on power level?

Here is some pics to better explain, it seems like ASCENSION is your worst enemy because your power level gets a huge boost.

Notice power level 4800 being rank 62, why ? Because no one below his power level can beat him which means he barely loses any points (lose 2 or 3 pts on defense) if someone 4800+ attacks him … And that guy when he invades is able to beat higher power level then he his and get a ton of pts (50+ pts depending on power lvl of opponent)

I am @ 5500 power level and rank 56 and can beat potentially up to 8K power level depending on the team (there is alot of power level 7-8K that is ranked over 10K!)

Someone that is 8K power level and CAN only beat much lower power levels like 6K or 7K at the most will barely get any pts for invade and will lose way more pts on defense, basically he needs the best of the best in troops & synergy or fail miserably
(I can get up to 53 pts on invade and just lose max 4 pts on defense, same for that other guy @ 4800)

I don’t know how there is 8K+ power level in top 10 because when I WIN a defense, I don’t get any pts so I’m not sure how they’re climbing with so many pts, are they just invading 24/7 ? (rank 1 is about 50,000 pts more then rank 30 on last day of reset…)

Basically I can create a new account, NOT ascend anyone and just max my magic cities and maybe HP and my power level will be super low but I’ll be able to beat much more difficult opponents and finish top 100 within the first week… while Joe shmoe has been working on his team for months and because his power level is too good for his own good, he can’t compete with this system…

your rank 56 that isn’t bad. the very top of board are doing 1-2k invades, some seem to never sleep/eat or anything.

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I believe you because I need to play alot to get top 30 and keep it

The average to be in the top five spots is 200-300 games per day for the whole week. I

Also worth pointing out that Ascension alone only increases the power level of a card by 25 points. The general forumla that we feel is correct for card power levels is this:

(level * 35) + (rarity above common*25) + ((number of traits)^2) * 50)


Getting a Kingdom to level 10 gives you an extra 40 points of Power Level, and a single mastery point gives you around 4.33 Power Level, and this counts for both Player and Guild masteries.

How come my opponents get 53 points and 3 points for lost?
I have seen the same set up with the player level 1001 with less points like 39 or 40 and 9-10 points for the lost. And much less gold.
What method behind this points ?

That might be our next Data Gather project @killerman3333 (did you end up checking my formula for team power in the end? :stuck_out_tongue: )

@outlander My guess is that it takes into account your level compared to your opponent, and their team power compared to yours as well. But more than that I’m not sure of at the moment.

Yes i have, i will keep doing testing but on offence however, it does not match defence teams. Something seems off about the formula for defence teams.

Defense teams seem to be devalued due to AI control. If you Fight yourself with your own defense team you’ll see what I mean. Might have to take a look at that and see how much it’s devalued by.

Yes hopefully we can uncover if there are consistencies or if it runs on a different formula.

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Except PvP isn’t based on power level, so your whole conjecture is false. Power level is a property of a team, not the player. The PvP point allocation is based on the player’s level, among other possible factors, which has its own set of problems.

Rank is primarily determined by amount of time spent playing that week. Factors like level, point allocation, skill, or anything else are relatively minor in comparison.

Not entirely true. A player’s Hero Masteries, Guild Masteries, and Kingdoms at level 10 all affect a team’s power level.

Those properties are factored into the team’s power level, but the power level is still a property of a team, and not an independent value of the player alone.

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This is something that we will be looking for in the next data gather thread.