PVP stats (20 (3)trophy opponents)


So as promised I spent 20 gems to reroll my PVP list 20 times to give an idea of what types of enemies I get paired up against at my level (374) feel free to post your own screenshots to give an idea of what you get paired up against at your level but to try and keep the results as consistent as possible (in terms of process used to obtain the results) please do not change your teams in between rerolls, and post exactly 21 screenshots (the 20 teams and of your level) please be honest and post 20 in a row and show only your 3 trophy result without leaving out a team that may not make your point as we are trying to get a real feel of what is actually showing up at your particular level. Also include if you are a PC/moible player or console player. So I suppose I’m up first (perhaps @killerman3333 or someone else gifted in math/charts can work out the figures to teams involved and I’m sure some would be intrested in the kingdoms fought in as well)

Cell: Moible player: level 374 (note that I am going to mass upload the screenshots so they may not be in order but they were done in a row)


Name checked. Sweet. :smiley:


3 teams had Maw, 3 teams had Mab, and 8 teams were Goblins


Worth noting that you got Meeee, Dibbs, gangrave, Sypruz, and aiddson1208 twice



Yea I thought about rerolling to get 20 unique enemies but that would’ve skewed the “True” results


After all dem Gems are my precious babies


Yeah I’m not suggesting that it’s a problem, but it’s at least worth taking note of since it affects what the stats are showing (variety within 20 battles, or variety within 20 opponents). Neither of which are bad.



Your absolutely right, there are 2 ways to look at this info as well, the point you made is valid as is the part where people who (Q-Bert urges me to say Complain) about running into Maw or Mab every other battle are likely facing other opponents in a similar level range using those troop twice in say 5 consecutive matches (I’ve never used the word before so I may be mistaken when I say that it is recall bias kicking in)


Recall bias is likely to be part of it. But I do agree that it’s likely that due to there being a smaller pool of players at the top, that they run into the same person a lot, meaning the same team. I’d be interested to find out if that’s true or not though.


I do personally think the bigger issue is more how many times in say 20 matches you get paired against said troops people do often skip a match simply because it was against an enemy the fought 2-3 matches ago.

It’s also worth noting that if you don’t reroll as I did you can get matched up against the same opponent even more often if they play “Revenge Tag” with you which can account for even more skewed results (again with recall bias) in your invasion pool



To mix up defense team can there be a kind of “Event Troop” week where something like the Glory received from defense wins/losses is doubled if the event troop is in your defense team? At the least maybe something like this will encourage shifting defense teams a bit (2 glory per loss will add up) mostly I think it’ll be fun watching people try to squeeze the event troop with their Mercy/Maw line up


I like the idea of the devs giving people an extra glory incentive to change up defense teams.


I guess it would be similar to how the Rakshanin event worked. But the issue would be it would have to be big enough to be worth changing, since a lot of people ignored the Rakshanin event because they didn’t use him, and didn’t have him leveled/traited.


It’s funny cause Rakshanin fit purfectly in a team of mine and in that one week I went from 800 Glory to 7,200 Glory I made the best of that situation and my donations were the guilds highest that week and it was in a Green/Giant Core with Crescendo so my matches were mostly under 1.5 minutes and Rakshanin actually cast his spell every single time a Paladen showed up (he laughs at true damage teams when he gets to cast) and I was around level 115 at the time so being able to power through so much glory at the time I thought was a god send (prior to that I’ve never had more then 1,600 or so glory at a time)

Also Oz I’m sorry I keep tagging you but my phone for one reason or another doesn’t properly “Reply” to links so I have to tag people so that the readers (and tagiee) know who the post is directed at


It’s fine :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah the events are nice. I might have been too quick to add the “a lot of” part. It’s quite possible that it was used more than we think, @Sirrian did mention at some point that the weekly events see most of their participation at the lower levels, rather than the top.


I would gladly make another “Event Team” for double glory
The glory and traitstone events are the only ones I did play cause I had the Necromancer class traited and the priest didn’t work with the Cresendo team which mostly finished matches within 2 minutes tops netting me 60+souls most matches (I didn’t have Bat to abuse with Valkyrie yet (honestly I don’t use Bat now unless I’m grinding Challenges for Stones (which now have a 100% drop rate even on normal)))


Adding @Ozball as my reply button didn’t work again


I think it might actually be working, it just doesn’t list it if you’re directly underneath the post you’re replying to.

Also I want Crescendo :frowning: Got some ideas I want to play with that use it (and Sun and Moon)


Cresendo is a weapon so can’t be used with sun and moon (another weapon) unless I’m missing something

I didn’t see your “and” as I got all of 45 minutes of sleep last nite


Sorry, my bad wording. I meant I want both of those weapons, as I have ideas that use them (separately) in different teams.


You worded it right I’m just short on sleep and didn’t seem the hook before “sun and moon”