PvP Rewards Notification Triggering despite being turned off

Platform, device version and operating system:
Samsung Galaxy S9+, Android 8.0

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Turned off PvP Rewards Notification to avoid getting notified to collect a gold key and souls. Still getting unsolicited notifications.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Whenever PvP Rewards are available. Consistent issue since 4.2 was released.

Steps to make it happen again


Hey AW, I’m sorry in advance if I rehash any old questions/troubleshooting Cyrup did with you as we had a fix out for this so I may repeat some questions you already answered to see why it’s not working.

Do you have notifications for PVP enabled on any device with this account on it?
If so, the only way to stop the notifications on your account at this stage is to disable the notifications on all devices.

Which account(s) specifically are you having this issue on?

No the notifications are not enabled for any account on my phone.
The A.W. Ryan one… I’ve never messed with the notifications on my other accounts. They are all on steam. I only use A.W. Ryan on mobile device.

@Cyrup here’s the original report.
I see now @Kafka was trying to resolve it. Not you.

Mmy pvp as not reset for 4week lost out in rewards all this time my name is NANNA and in in dark avengers

Hi @nanna I’m sorry you’ve had this issue.

Please follow this link to write a support request so I can help you with that:

The PvP notifications have gotten so annoying that I’ve stopped doing Ranked PvP until a few hours before weekly reset.
No biggie right? Well now I’m starting to get spammed by Ranked PvP tasks.
First one was Monday for glory keys that automatically reset it’s self the next day after I skipped doing it.
Now today I’ll be costing myself 15 gems. And tomorrow a “reset” because nothing has been done about a notifications issue from 4.2. :roll_eyes:

(Not worth the 15-100 robotcall like notifications I’ll receive the rest of the week.)

Straight up trolling me. Because I avoid doing Ranked PvP now I’m getting spammed with these tasks. :angry:

(3rd one this week)

Sorry for the delayed reply @awryan I’m not sure of the timing of this report re: that convo we had but could this have started happening around the time you got a bunch of your alts onto 1 mobile?

I only have one account. Notifications are set to off. Once or more per day I get a banner telling me I have PVP rewards to collect.


No… The two have absolutely nothing to do with the other. It’s not an issue that just pertains to me. The issue has existed since 4.2 was released.

This is also the second time you asked about the alts. Feel free to scroll up for the OP and responses at any time. :wink:
Otherwise, I’ll see you a month from now to answer the question a third time. :grinning:

I did Ranked PvP early this week to see what the changes were.
Not even 24 matches later…

Nothing changed…

I made a feature request asking for pvp rewards notifications to be removed from the game entirely. No one wants them. And if you can’t keep it from spamming my phone. Then there’s absolutely zero reason to have them.

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It appears that after all Android Notifications were nuked.

This was finally fixed @Kafka.
I suspected that happened when the company was trying to fix the Notification issue they unfortunately turned them all off and it wasn’t caught by the beta (if there even was an Android beta.)
So though no Notifications was not enjoyable. It was definitely worth the immensely annoying PvP bug getting fixed.

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