Web Alert for PvP Defense Rewards

Platform, device version and operating system:
Xbox One

Screenshot or image:
Not needed

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I have Web Alerts enabled for Kingdom Income, some Events, and Pet Rescue. They work fine. However, I also receive alerts for PvP Defense Rewards despite not having PvP checked in game.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time I play PvP and receive a Defense reward in game, every time since I started using Web Alerts.

Steps to make it happen again
Play PvP and wait for Defense rewards.

It’s very annoying to see or hear alerts pop up in Win10 or on my phone only to see it’s something I don’t want to be notified of.

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I’d like to know who would want pvp defense rewards notification, can’t imagine a more useless one.


This has been a known issue since December 2018. The bug had existed prior to that, but I can’t remember which update caused the bug.
Do me a favor. Get a can of peas out of your pantry. Open that can of peas. Take one pea out. Throw that pea under your stove.
That pea now represents the priority level of this annoying, spam filled, unneeded bug.
It’s like the devs are robo dialing me every time my phone pings because of it.

Hence why I was annoyed enough to come on the forum and make a bug report thread.

I almost said this in my opening post, but I could already hear that one guy whining about how PvP Defense notifications are useful. There’s always someone to complain about nonsense.

I didn’t see this listed under the devs’ known issues even though a similar thread about alerts popped up. This issue might not even have the priority of a pea under the stove if they haven’t even acknowledged it in 4-5 months.

Now please excuse me while I bash my head on my computer desk. I’ve just received another PvP Defense alert while typing this.


Pvp defense wins stack for 24 hours I think. Maybe.
But feel free to tell the devs how you really feel, within reason lol

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If your comment is not constructive to the topic at hand (e.g. helping us investigate this bug = constructive vs feedback on our process of handling issues = off topic) please post it in the appropriate section of the forums :slight_smile:

Sorry this has been happening! :frowning: You’re right, this was a known issue and we didn’t notice any other reports after our last fix went out so considered it closed. I’ve let the team know it’s still happening.

Can you please try:

  1. Opt out of alerts in-game, force close/quit the game on all platforms
  2. Disable notifications on your device
  3. Restart your device
  4. Renable notifications on your device
  5. Opt-in to notifications inside the game again.

Instructions on enabling notfifications in game:

p.s @awryan I can see you followed up on this in March, I was away and missed that, I’m sorry. I also realise you’ve tried these steps but I am interested in how they affect the other players.

Oh I find it very constructive to point out that I the player am responsible for pointing out bugs. Am responsible for following up about bugs. But then get told I shouldn’t share that frustration with someone else experiencing the same frustration.
Nah, let’s just keep trying to fit the rectangle in the circular hole.
When the best solution is to just remove the hole entirely.
NO ONE WANTS TO BE NOTIFIED ABOUT PVP REWARDS. I wish it was just March that I attempted to follow up about it. But I did again in April as well.

Still it was never on the official known issues list.
Maybe I need retraining in my understanding of bugs.
It’s anything in the code that isn’t working as intended correct? Whether minor, or major. All bugs that can’t be immediately fixed should go on the “Known issues thread” Correct?

My apologies for leaving my feedback about bug reports under a bug report about that bug.
Clearly I should make a separate thread to join the 3 others I already made about this one issue so that it too can be ignored, not delt with, and have it be reminded to me daily that nothing is being done with it.
Annoyed by my snark @Cyrup? Good. Now imagine having that snark reminded to you courtesy of your phone 3-4 times a day. Then you may know 1/10 of how I feel about this. We are now on month 5 of this issue… And you’re still asking questions with zero remedies in sight. Fantastic. :+1:

I cannot Opt out in-game. When I try to uncheck the box at the top for all alerts, I’m prompted with the Opt-in screen asking for my email address. Doing a hard reset of the console didn’t fix this, nor did completely reinstalling the game.

It was included in the known issues but was removed after some time of having “Fixed” on it as it we believed it was resolved. :slight_smile:

@platinumpwnzor Thanks for the information.

I didn’t mention this in my last post but this issue is reopened with the team. I will update you if we learn more!

I just checked my emails about known issues being fixed and since February 3rd there isn’t a single mention of PvP Notifications activating despite being turned off.
Secondly, in any other bug report, you go back and close the thread and update the title to include “fixed”.

All of this appears to be stall tactics. Every time the bug is brought up. Questions are asked and answers are never given by the devs about it.
Why can’t the option of PvP Notifications just be removed completely in 4.3.5 so we can finally be done with this?

If… Not when. Fantastic. :+1:

As I covered, this bug was fixed, and we believed it was, so it wasn’t included in the known issues as we were not aware it was a problem. I’ve PM’d you an image of the edit being removed/updated/in the article at 2nd jan.

If - not “when”, yes, and no other information, yes, and stalling if you wish to call it, yes - because I don’t have anything else to add at this time. At this point we’re shouting into the void, I’ve reminded the team of the issue and when they get to bug fixing it will be investigated with others.

I can’t make promises, like anything else, because if I say “when” and use certainty in the rare case something does not follow through then we are chastized and hated. So I choose if.

Pikachu, I if you. Have a good day. :slight_smile:

Well… Since you chose Pikachu, let’s go with the Detective version shall we.

Here’s the time line of events:
My original report
(4.2.5) PvP alerts triggering despite being off
On the thread you stated it “should be” which means you were unsure if it would be.
(4.2.5) PvP alerts triggering despite being off - #8 by Cyrup
As stated above I didn’t start “following” the new way of known issues until February. Prior to it they were always posted on the forums.

But cool. The issue was believed to be fixed at this point. Within a couple weeks later…

No mention of it on the patch notes. I guess PvP Notifications are more minor than free scouting.
So December it was reported. January it was believed to be fixed.
Which now puts us at February…

A literally new bug report that the issue was not fixed. And every month @Kafka would comment on the thread. Yet it never made its way back to the known issues.
In March I even tried a different route since the bug report direction was going no where.

Here’s a separate issue thread that had to do with numerous Notifications that eventually the PvP Notification was discussed with you and I.

So here we are today… The month of May. With 4.3.5 on the horizon with zero expectations of it being fixed. So the best hope would be it being fixed (or removed completely) in 4.4
4.4 will probably drop around September. Meaning it will have taken 9 months to fix an issue over a feature that no one in their right minds want. 9 months of spam…9 months of head banging…9 months of lack of accountability…9 months of it being the players responsibility to bump the issue to the devs… And at least 1,080 times my phone will notify me and when I look at the message it says “God bless them, but when it comes to Notifications, the devs give either Zero Franks about them or they are incompetent on this matter.” Because that’s how I read this now:

As we speak…

It’s still not on the known issues thread. Which obviously isn’t just to keep the players informed. But also a way to keep the devs tracking on what issues need to be fixed.

To the OP.
My apologies for derailing your thread. But hopefully this will finally leave enough of an impact on the devs that they actually try to fix it. Better yet remove it. Or at the very least, gets it put back on the “honey do list”. Otherwise, I’m franking done with this :poop:.
Every single bug report is free labor. Free labor with the expectation that their issue will not be ignored. That their issue will be fixed in a timely manner. And that they won’t have to raise hell just so that they won’t be annoyed with a small fragment of a product that they invest money into for relaxation and enjoyment not for aggravation or frustration. And at the very least, not to do someone else’s job for them.
And Salty if you read this. Please don’t put on your IP2 battle armor to try and defend your compandres. If anything about my time line is incorrect please let me know. Otherwise, it speaks for itself. The rest is just my personal feedback after watching what the accountability used to be like. Compared to what it is now. And how much more is asked upon the player, but how little is given back to them (which is nothing now). I know you can’t officially expect the players to report bugs and be your beta testers… Or is it Charlie testers? But the veterans know… If they don’t bring the bugs to your attention… Then you’ll never know about them. 🤷

Minutes after posting…


I’m not going to respond to that because it’s getting a bit off topic, sorry… though I appreciate the pickachu.

I’ll update you here, or in the known issues, once we have a resolution or new information.

Alerts of any kind seem to be not working for the past hour… @Cyrup

Is this still happening, and did you restart your device/game?

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No it only lasted a few hours. I have restarted my device but it was well after it started working again.

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