PVP - No Real Life Challenge

CALL OUT TO DEVS – @Saltypatra …. next PVP WEEK AT 20th of May (20.05.2019)

Hello bearly everyone ,

im sry , sry for being addcited, sry for only sitting in my native discords and sry for my habit to LOVE SPEEDRUNS.

Oh wait … i dont need to be sry …. anyways just a though of mine here is the reason of the topic and the explanation for it.

First of , for everyone who dont know me : Florian, 23 ,german, started GOW 2 years ago , been addcited to gaming since i was 3 years old ,

First „PVP – WEEK“  attempts (name changes for gems has been done- all at one account) ,
		1.100k ( till friday.even got sick in that week and broke up)  as „Rarity“
		2.200k  as „Freakazoid“  ( bested by Zookeeper just some weeks later)
		3.400k as „Bärmon“ (current WR[World Record]) 
		4.???k as „Bärmon“  (hope for a new PB[personal best])

WHY DID YOU DO THIS AND HOW ? … you might ask , and even if you dont I will answer that.

WHY: Simply , if you dont get any good feedback from your family and nearly lose yourself in a world that is not real … you do crazy things to achive things in life to feel better

HOW: Basically it is a matter of how fast do your computer loads and how fast you can react to things. So normally my „screen scan time“ is around 2-3 seconds then make my first move / moved the mouse at least to the middel that i can reach the mana faster.

Strict Timemanagement , thanks to people in Anonymous i noticed that you need a plan and fullfill it so you can check on results and feel better while doing such crazy things + you need time to relax …. so my plan will look like this :

  1. EAT/FOOD/Toilett : 1,5 hour( 90 mins) per day
  2. SLEEP : up to 7 hours per day ( the last or first 2 needs to be straight this time)
  3. Lose Matches : ( for now still in practice and decide on pvp team )

okay and for the „ Sleep“ part , those who know me really well … my I.net shout downs from 11pm to 6 am ( normally 7 hours sleep) BUT i want to alter this,when im at another locations :slight_smile:

Okay good and the last part … i want to WIN a match in at least 60 secs or retreat in 10 secs … making it : 3-4k points per hour ( 70 points will be reached cause i will only obtain magic from the current guild bonus for now )

THIS should cover WHY AND HOW … if you have any further questions then this ask me at discord ( Flo/ Bärmon#6355 )

I know so many people worried about me last time and so many people really supported me at the time ( even without me noticing). So my deepest regards for all of you Bow because I want to try my best once more and now i know that im maybe a weirdo, but i touched so many people ( not only in my own guild) but all over the globe and that is what makes me happy, that is showing me that im not as worthless as I thought.

Dont forget to ask nearly any question at discord Flo/ Bärmon#6355

	Lots of Love  <3

	Florian Sonntag and his personal disorder BÄRMON

Hey Bärmon good luck beating your PB, but please don’t forget to look after yourself - drink plenty of water and sleep, and take breaks for your poor eyes and muscles.

Also make sure you get a screenshot of the leaderboard to post here :slight_smile:


Please make sure you eat vegetables!! And if you get stressed, find a nice bird or animal pet to pat.


okay 2 hours and 20 minutes 08.april 2019 im good to go [ working on defense team for the week now ]

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Tried chasing you for the first few minutes, to no avail: show us your team!


text said allmost anything on discord ^^ [ i guess i can show you my gameplay when my pvp week is over :sunglasses:]


Will be eagerly looking forward to the end of the week then! Go get that Power Orb!


I heard about sudden deaths from such extended gaming sessions! Be reasonable and careful!

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Good luck and god bless in your endeavor.
I’d like to hear some about your mental state over the weeks course. :innocent:

:joy: yeeeeahhh i felt like that last week and this time with like 18 hours a day at least i dont feel german … more like japanese or korean XD we will see tho ^^ [ i dont miss toilett or meals tho ]

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metal state before : HYPED … i guess when i hit my fist 70k per day SUPER HYPED … and at least friday i will be doooowwwwwnn as hell :joy:

okay got ride of my i.net shout down soooo as it seems i can stay at home if i want to :sunglasses: [ even in future you could see me rush for more then just 15 hours … looking at the post of last time :roll_eyes:]

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another team … but it is a bit slower + losing even more then the one from last week 15th april 2019

So what was last week’s lightning team?



sooo for everyone who needs some stats … still those were money rings so like firebombs … a bit slower then divine team but when it fits i sit <3
THANKS to the devs for that feature :bear:

moon rabbit team tho … im a bit proud on that one O.o but yeah that are the stats for teh week then i guess :wink: [ best ones imo ]

Time you saw a therapist lol.

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after 7 and a half hour , needed to swap teams tho weaver class was a mess for the former team O.o

mental state as i assumed = relaxed and hyped drunk 3 liter of water allready :sunglasses:

day 1 done … need to sleep now folks and have a good week all of you # pls dont make this at home it can cause problems with your family or wife/husband XD