PvP Lock for Newer Players

There is a weird glitch with the new PvP system. I made a new account recently. The tutorial thing told me to go play a PvP match. When clicking to fight specific people, the game would go into an endless loading screen with no error. This occurs on the 1st and 2nd opponents on ranked and the 2nd opponent on casual.

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Is it still occurring? If so what is your new account’s invite code?

It is still occurring.

Invite code: Tacet the Terror

Getting it fixed on that account isn’t that big an issue as I have no need to PvP on it yet. The main issue is if it happens to someone else.

We’re looking into the issue as we’ve had a couple of similar reports in the 2.0 Known Issues thread.

Can you try pvp again? Let me know if I’ve fixed it.

It still occurs. It could have something to do with the double accounts.

For example, I am now having this problem when I switch back to my main…

@Sirrian’s explanation for how to have 2 accounts on the same system may be slightly broken. :stuck_out_tongue:

All the data stays separate in regard to what they have, but team builds and I guess PvP are having problems with this. The initial issue is likely related to this file switching and not the 2.0 update.

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Oh, it isn’t just my account. The initial post is an actual issue.

Also, I found a way to fix the teams. It does wipe all my saved teams every time I switch the files, but playing a treasure map or any battle will unlock the slots.

Yeah, we investigating it still.

I’ve tried something else on TACET THE TERROR if you want to have another go.

As for switch accounts, have you been deleteing the files when switching between the two accounts or something else?

Yes, I delete the file then replace it with the other account. Should I be doing it a different way?

No, that should be working…

I’ve switched between accounts on my pc before with this issue.

It preserves the team for the newer account, but keeps wiping them on my main. That isn’t really an issue though. I just have to remember to remake a defend team every time I do it. xD

Do you have steam cloud on? That could be affecting it.

I have it disabled. I don’t even think you can switch accounts with it on, haven’t tried.

Have you tried deleting the back up folder? It should be located in the same place as the other files?

Steam may be getting data from there.

Uh, if you ever choose to “forget” to make a defense team, let me know. I could use the gold infusion from a few quick matches against someone your level.

That worked! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ll need to make a YouTube guide on to how to properly do all of this. I know there are always people asking how to reset their account. There are probably some like me who may want to try a new account just for the fun of it.


Especially after they watch you do it, yes.

have the same issue with my galaxy s7. downloaded the game yesterday to test the new update and after 2 or 3 pvp matches without problems i get that infinite loading screen now…

Hi Ibohr, can you try pvp again?

played 3 matches now without that infinite loading issue. seems to work now.
will report if it happens again