PvP is Broken For Any High Level Player Period

I just left the #2 Guild & I’m a Level 1417. I made my way to a Level 57 Guild of my good friend. It doesn’t matter, even in a level 57 Guild I am still LIMITED to 31 to 43 points per Tier 3 Battle, effectively causing me to abandon any hopes of playing or try to place on PvP Leaderboards.

Why you may ask? Well our most gracious Makers effectively have chosen new players & mid players to be able to excell at the game with a whole lot less effort by awarding them higher point battles up to 70 points but averaging in the 60’s per battle. They have lost sight of the Gaming Worlds 1st Fact… which is new players are going to have to play more & work hard to grow strong in order to compete at higher levels. Not anymore… here come the Devs, they can “fix” it now by taking away incentive of High Level Players to play coz it takes twice as much effort & points to even try… Yea that’s the ticket… Devs, your killing this game with bad decisions & stripping the fun factor away from those of us that can’t double our efforts simply due to time. Enough is enough, fire the idiot who thinks this crap up.


Wait a week. The guild tasks completed bonus stats are still active on your account. Despite leaving the guild. This is to avoid you hopping in and out to earn gold.

Oh Dude you just made my day if its true… Thanks!

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I’m 80% sure it’s true. I think I noticed it before on one of alts that jump. Weaver’s Magic didn’t change despite changing from a LT guild to a non LT guild.
Otherwise, I’m thinking that weekly reset will adjust your scoring. Maybe then daily reset. Keep this updated…

I’ve said this many times the reason some people are getting less points is because of the level difference between the two players so it’s more fair

I think you should progressively get smaller cheeseburgers for the same price every year you get older. It’s only fair.

You are Incorrect. See the explanation on my post.

From what I noticed that’s what was taken into consideration but it seems like it’s a complicated formula of team scores according to @Mithran

Basically it has more to do with your total skills(which translates to your team score) vs. Their team score. If we are using your team vs. my team: i have 7 kingdoms to power level 10(rest are at power level 5), 4 skills from delves and 1 additional skill from being over 1100. Now I’m not even in the worst position than those at level 1400 and up either as they have 2-3 more skill points and more kingdom power levels. You mentioned you may not have all kingdoms to power level 5 and you are under 1100. I’m not sure what your delve renown is but I’m guessing it’s only gotten you a single skill point or 2 at the most.

You arent wrong about PVP being fine for you, because it is fine you. At your current level and stats, you’ll still get great PVP points. For players like myself and mainly players much higher than myself, it just takes so much longer to work our way up the tiers and you can forget about a leaderboard run.

In the end it’s a system that probably wont change a whole lot and as I’ve seen from some very insightful posts, it will probably only get worse for endgamers as its just not in the devs interest financially to cater to them.

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Ty for explaining it to me