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Pvp how it's possible

I just have some interogation :
2478 battle in 6 days
so 413 battles / day

413 /24 = 17,20 battles /hour

60/17.20 = 3,48 .

So some men can do a battle every 4 min everyday with no sleep or eat or something else …

I want the same drogues ^^

4mins is slow, most games take 60-90 seconds with endgame teams

so now factor that in, thats 2 extra min per hour, 48 extra min per day
most people can eat in 1-2min, so that leaves 45min per day to shit and sleep :smiley:
i have heard of worse…

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You forgot to calculate in the fact that some players play multiple games at once.

how do you do multiple games? is that like on the phone and the tablet and the pc all at once? doesnt that make it take longer?

That was supposed to have been fixed,guess it hasn’t? xD

It actually cuts the time in half. It was supposed to be fixed in 1.9 but do to an account merger gone horrible wrong and then later reversed, no it has not been fixed at least from what i experienced.

i mean if i have to focus on more than 1 thing at a time, im slower… hmm but am i half as slow.

Probably not. [quote=“zann0t, post:1, topic:8345”]
2478 battle in 6 days so 413 battles / day

413 /24 = 17,20 battles /hour

60/17.20 = 3,48 .

6 day is 8640 minutes. If a battle takes 60 seconds or a whole minute that 6162 minutes are left for everything else. Leaves plenty of time for other things.
My math if playtime is 60 seconds is
2478/60 to find the hours which is 41.3 hours
Now divide that by 6 to determine how many hours are played a day. 6.9 hours a day for 6 days. Very possible given those circumstances. The thing we should also look at is how many points on average that person is getting per battle.

Do you consider the loading time/reward results, etc with your 60-seconds-battle?

Else, it may be possible that the account is played by 3 different players…

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I did, I can also calculate for 90 second games as well which in theory would put it closer to 8 hours of gameplay per day.

Yesterday on GlobalChat Channel 001 there was some discussion about playing Pvp and chatting on the channel at the same time. This guy managed to successfully set it up that he could play on his pc and chat on his tablet at the same time by having two instances of GoW linked to his account.

That caused me to have the thought that maybe players can use a pc, tablet and phone each with one instance of GoW loaded and as a team play as one person. Shades of the ‘Swine’ Giba group …

On the other hand, as an ex chess player I have had great fun in the past playing many opponents at the same time. In the chess world it is acceptable. If a player is playing GoW against three opponents at the same time using a PC, Mobile and Tablet should this not also be acceptable? I don’t know.

Personally, I have no interest in aiming for the top spot in the PvP marathon ladder. I get so many reconnect requests in GoW that my motivation to do anything is severely affected by these too frequent frustrating events. I do wonder why some players have this problem and others don’t. In effect some people can play so many games while I and some other Guild-Mates cannot. Is the database connection time-out set too short that those with low bandwidth are being excluded.

Finally, if the top three on the ladder are there every week I do wonder about their mental health. Achieving a marathon is a laudable event and should, rightly, be recognised as such. Achieving number one EVERY week is to me not so healthy IMHO.

No criticism is intended at all. Just some thoughts that are intended to add to the discussion and hopefully, provoke an illuminating response from one or more of the highest achievers on the PvP ladder.

Interesting point: At the start of the new PvP Ladder today the results board shows me as being in position 950(ish) with 750 points(ish) already (update: Rank 1, position 2346 with 590 points) but no games played. Question: Do we all start with a set number of points? Like a handicap? Or, on the other hand, do higher players on the ladder last week get higher starting points this week. Or, is this a bug?

Sorry for the long post but this is very interesting.

Edit: corrected typos and updated data.

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WE should ll be starting with 500 or so points.

Did no one think about they can make an executable program for playing this game automatically?
This is much easier than playing GoW using a PC, Mobile and Tablet at the same time.:expressionless:

(sry for my bad English)

Depends on if they have the source code. Also the devs have anti-cheating programs installed to prevent that. Being easier depends on how easy it is to write a code for this game that can alter online info. As a has-been GoW hacker myself i can say with certainty that it is no easy feat to pull off. Also note that the pvp reset is not yet perfect as certain players end up in certain areas after the reset. If it was just one hacker then sure that is legit possible, 2 hackers with software that would have to be coded the same and avoid the anti-cheat software ok possible but not likely, 3 to 5 people then that means there is a distributer of the software that can easily be fount or 5 friends were able to figure out how to outsmart the devs.

if you played WoW you know it’s spelled ‘drouges’ :smile: