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PvP Guide for beginners


Here you’ll find a guide on PvP in GoW. Beware though that following updates might shake things up a bit!

What is PvP?

PvP, short for Player versus Player, is a game mode that pits you against other players’ line-ups. When you decide to battle in PvP, you are fighting against Defense teams set up by other GoW players (but controlled by the AI); and if you win, you’re stealing part of their uncollected gold!

What is the point of PvP?

PvP enables you to earn three things:

  • Gold
  • Trophies
  • Glories

PvP is actually the best way to farm gold, especially since battling is free since 1.0.8, so you literally have no gold to lose when entering a fight.
Trophies are just decorative for the time being. All the trophies you earn are added to the overall guild trophy count, which determines said guild position in the ladder.
Things might change in upcoming updates.
Glory is a shop currency. You can exchange your glory points at the shop to buy weekly reward bundles, treasure maps and souls; you can also buy glory chests in the chest tab.

What are PvP ranks?

In GoW, you can gain PvP ranks, from 15 to 1. Your PvP rank has a direct effect on your weekly reset reward. The higher the rank, the better the reward. Rewards are made of gold, souls, glories and glory keys.

  • Rank 15: 1 gold
  • Rank 14: 10 gold, 4 souls
  • Rank 13: 50 gold, 8 souls
  • Rank 12: 100 gold, 12 souls
  • Rank 11: 200 gold, 16 souls
  • Rank 10: 300 gold, 20 souls
  • Rank 09: 400 gold, 25 souls
  • Rank 08: 500 gold, 30 souls
  • Rank 07: 600 gold, 35 souls, 5 glories
  • Rank 06: 700 gold, 40 souls, 10 glories
  • Rank 05: 800 gold, 50 souls, 20 glories
  • Rank 04: 900 gold, 60 souls, 30 glories
  • Rank 03: 1000 gold, 80 souls, 40 glories
  • Rank 02: 1500 gold, 150 souls, 50 glories, 5 glory keys
  • Rank 01: 2000 gold, 300 souls, 100 glories, 10 glory keys

At the beginning of the week, the PvP ranks are reset, which means that every player is rank 15 again.
Each time you win a battle in PvP, you gain a star. After a certain amount of stars, you gain a rank. Stars can be lost, but you can’t lose a rank. For instance, if you get to rank 7 without losing a fight and then proceeds to lose every fight you enter, you’ll still remain at rank 7 instead of being downgraded to rank 8 or 9.
If you gain several fights in a row, you gain stars two by two, which helps get to rank 1 quicker. Retreating makes you lose the streak (and therefore, stars), as well as a trophy, but you keep your rank.
At the end of the battle, you gain some trophies, some glory, and you steal some gold from your opponent. Note that the difficulty setting used and the armour you’re wearing will increase the amount of gold gained at the end of the battle.

How to battle in PvP?

For starters, you need to get into the PvP menu, located at the bottom right of your screen:

This will lead you to the main PvP screen:

As you can see, there are three main tabs in this screen. The invade tab is the one you’ll use to start fighting opponents; the revenge tab is there to fight against invaders and gain back some of the gold they stole; the defenders tab is there so you can set up a defense team.

On the bottom, you’ll find the rewards tab:

In this tab, you’ll see the different daily bonuses your current rank grants you.

Now, let’s see how to invade, shall we? All we need to do is click on the invade tab:

This is what the screen looks like when you want to invade a player. Above each player’s avatar, you’ll see their current level and PvP rank. Attacking a higher ranked player usually brings in more trophies. Between the players, you can see the potential rewards for success. These rewards do not take your bonuses into account, so your final gold reward is usually higher. If you don’t want to fight this specific player, you can pay 10 gold to find another opponent.
Are you ready to battle this player? Let’s go to the pre-battle screen!

In this screen, you have access to your different teams on the left. You can choose any of them to battle, and you can edit them from this menu if you wish.
On the right, you can see your opponent’s team. If you scout, you are able to see exactly what their line-up is made of. Scouting costs 50 gold, but can become free depending on your VIP level. Scouting is useful if you don’t want to fight specific line-ups, or if you want to use the right counter-team.

So, you’re ready to fight, you’re rank 15! You win your first fight, congratulations!

Every time you win fights in a row, you gain a bonus star:

The point is to get to rank 1, so that you can benefit from the sweet daily bonus:

Sometimes, you might feel like it’s pointless to carry on a fight. Maybe your last troop is almost dead, maybe you forgot to switch the difficulty, maybe you just realised you’re actually a pacifist… :slight_smile:
In any case, the game gives you the option to retreat. You’ll only lose a trophy and your winning streak, but you’ll keep your rank.
To retreat, you have to click on the top right corner of the board:

This will bring you to the setting menu, where you’ll find the retreat option:

Since battling is now free, you won’t lost any gold from retreating. Please note however that you won’t get to keep anything you gained during the fight you retreated from (such as treasure maps, extra turn gold or souls).

What about revenge?

Just as you can invade other players, other players can invade you. And when they do, they steal part of your uncollected gold (that is, the gold you haven’t yet taken from your kingdom income, not the gold you already own). The revenge tab enables you to battle these invaders and gain back the gold they stole. Note that you can only have three revenge opponents at a time though.
As you win revenges, you’ll also gain some extra bonuses.

Successful revenges net you extra gold, and going to 60 revenges nets you a casket of souls. Once reached, the cycle starts over!

What about Defenders?

When you go into the Defenders, you can choose a team to defend your kingdom. This will be the team your opponents will have to fight when they try to invade you. You gain a small reward for successful defends, and you gain a revenge for each unsuccessful one, up to three.

I hope this guide helped you get a better understanding of PvP. Please let me know if you have any question!


Nice guide, but is there any reason behind retreating? Now that retreating minuses a trophy, a retreat is basically a super lose. A newer player is better off just losing normally and taking the resources than getting out a minute earlier with nothing.

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Well, I was asked to make a beginner’s guide about PvP so I thought I should lay out all of the options. I think new players should know they are not forced to fight until the very end if they don’t want to. As a matter of personal opinion, I don’t think retreating is very useful in general, but I shouldn’t leave it out since the game allows it. I do agree with your statement, but I try to make the guide unbiased if I can. The follow-up thread discussion is there for strategy. :wink:

Adding that it loses a trophy and your PvP win streak should be mentioned though. The way you have it stated in the guide words a retreat like a neutral thing, whereas in actuality it is arguably worse than a lose.

I did say it, twice actually. :wink:

Also, I don’t think retreating is worse than losing. It really depends on the battle itself, and whether or not you care about the 40 gold and 2 souls you won, or about the trophy. It’s not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself.

Oh, I must still be too tired this morning :3

Yeah, I’m still not completely awake either… For a moment I actually thought I only wrote it in my head. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job, and thanks for your work :slight_smile:

Great work as always Archnessa, have my Like :smiley:

Great work @Archenassa! I noticed you mention the daily reward twice, but the daily reward only yields Glory, not the other things you mention in connection to the rank, Those rewards are only given once, at the start of the new event. :slight_smile:

Oops, good point, I’ll have to change that.
Thanks for the kind words everyone! ^^

Great guide! I didn’t see it mentioned here where I thought it might be:

But doesn’t the difficulty used during the PvP run affect the weekly rewards? And the lowest difficulty used during the run is the one used to determine that?

Nope, it doesn’t matter on what difficulty level you reach Rank 1. The rewards (daily Glory and the full rewards at the reset on Monday) are the same.

I’m fairly sure I get 2200 gold because I always play on Hard (and corresponding increases to the other rewards, just don’t remember their exact amounts). I’ll do some more searching…

Yeah, here it is:


oh interesting! I always play on WLI. Will take notice of the rewards next Monday!

I didn’t know this either. Shows how much I’ve been paying attention! I recently switched to playing a higher difficulty all the time, as opposed to only when I was farming, and you’d think I’d have noticed a difference come weekly reset… Jeesh! You learn something new every day I guess…

Edit 29/02/16: Added screenshots for revenge battles.

Hm, I checked what I received this week against the normal amount of rewards. I got 450 souls, 2500 gold, 10 glory keys and 100 glory for playing on Warlord I all week. However, according to my multipliers this should have been 900 souls (x3) and 6500 gold (x3.5).

Edit: OK, apparently only the difficulty bonus is applied, not the VIP bonus. :slight_smile:

Well, it is almost impossible lately to win a revenge. No matter what mode on pvp the enemy most of the time gets the better drops incl. skulls. I also noticed that even when playing against lower ranks they always have higher health. It is no fun anymore to play pvp.