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PVP Gold Exploit and Fix Clarification (Further Info Inside)

This worries me greatly. Massive gold nerf to top guilds basically. Majority of players will earn huge gold payouts fighting those from top guilds completing all 12 tasks, while the top guilds get bugger all fighting those that don’t.


I have always thought that when you are getting more powerful, gold, a very basic resource should come much easier, not gated like that


It’s sad really. Because for years all I ranted against was bugs and cheaters on the forums. The devs have done a great job to eradicate both of those issues. But now seem to create the issues themselves for no apparent reason. Other than… maybe too many are playing GoW. :man_shrugging:

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Why does your weekly ranked PVP score determine your casual PVP opponents?
Answer: It shouldn’t, and that’s the real cause of the casual pvp problem.


Let me see if I understand.

Too many end gamers were grinding too much gold. They could open too many LT’s, therefore never spending RL money to buy stuff. You called this economy broken and introduced ET’s, expecting this to cause players to have to fork over cash.

Then you heard about the “exploit.” Players were able to grind too much gold, to easily to suit you, and get 2XP for classes. You couldn’t have that! That meant they could still get to LT’s AND avoid spending RL money to get their classes done! Oh, the horror!

Then we get all this “explanation” that is a load of… well, let us say manure.

PvP is broken. Has been broken for as long as I have played. Only game I know of that punishes it’s higher players with diminishing returns. At this point I don’t think you can fix it, and have said so many times.

Explore, with the right team and level, offers more gold. I believe we are all offered the same teams, or at least much more similar teams than in PvP. For me, the issue with moving over is in 2 parts.

  1. Explore is only 1XP. Each class is 5050 XP. 34 classes means 171700 XP to do them all. Due to all classes not being equal, we end up using “finished” classes in explore to get our gold. This wasn’t a problem in CPvP. So, if you are exploring for gold, you are probably not even EARNING 1 XP on classes you are trying to finish. if you dial it down to win in explore to get needed XP, well your gold dials down too.

  2. Explore is clunky, I don’t have a better way to describe it. As an end gamer, I don’t want to waste time and I don’t want to feel like i’m being punished by a game I used to love.

Last thought… If you hadn’t introduced ET’s because you are greedy, none of this mess would have happened. None of it. You have lost players, and you have lost respect, and I don’t know how you will ever get that back.


As an end game player (or I guess ‘mid game’ now considering which modes I will be primarily playing), it was less about my own progress & more about what I could do to help others progress. In addition to Pet Rescues, this was one of the ways I thought I was helping:

I loved hearing how happy others were to see my defense in Pvp & I’m sad to see a chance to help others with gold go. The publisher seems to be helping less as well but did not lose a chance for more ‘gold’.


This is the main reason I play far less ranked pvp now, despite being my favourite mode… It’s the furthest thing from respecting/rewarding player’s progression, and it’s been going on for ever, see e.g. this thread from 2 years ago:

There is no reason someone with e.g. 2 attack, 6 life and 4 armor less than me is getting much more gold than I do from facing the exact same opponent… I hope this will be addressed in the pvp patch (5.0), but at this point I’m not holding my breath, given that devs seem to be happy with the current gold acquisition rate in pvp.


Where were all these “easy” defenses? PVP is full of metas left right and center. Any “exploit” was caused by your broken matchmaking. It’s been broken for YEARS. Blaming the players for this is arrogant & childish. Also, wrong.
I keep hearing from the devs that we are “not playing the game as intended”.
What, exactly is the way you want us to play?


Oh, yeah, about that…
A while ago they implemented coding to cause players to see 4 fire bombs less than usual. So they already altered the player pool to favor harder PvP matches.

So citing “easy defenses” is just more :ox::poop: being thrown in our faces.


I’m fully expecting Cedric to be nerfed next patch.


Others have said pretty much what I tend to agree with regarding “exploit”, fix, the way it was handled and stuff, so I don’t really have anything substantial to add right now.

However, there is one instance where, I feel, the devs are receiving more flak they actually should.

This is a twofold issue:

  1. pool of possible opponents and how they are selected. Speaking of 3T ranked specifically, today I have faced 24 different people in 55 battles. Is it a good picture? Bad? Too much repetition? Not enough repetition? I don’t really know what to comment; but this is the part where one would hold devs accountable.
  2. what teams you actually face. And here, I believe, all fault about “meta left, right and center” lies squarely on the shoulders of players - they are the ones who set meta teams as their defense; not me, not Mickey Mouse, not Illuminati and certainly not the devs.
    I change my defense every Monday trying to build something out of weekly kingdom/race troops (as much as possible) that - at least in theory - should function as a team; no meta, no firebombs, no 4x of the same, no deliberate design to lose. How many others can claim the same?

Why is it so uncommon to get an explanation like this before a change is made?

This is a much more thoughtful explanation of the situation. If it had been posted alongside the Epic Tasks there would’ve been no doubt some complaining about a decrease in gold rewards, but not the shock and conspiracy that resulted from it happening silently.

Still not letting this go though:

It’s really funny how this has been the cause of your embarrassments for 2 years. It’s getting pretty hard to believe you see this situation as a problem, and harder to believe you’re seeking a solution. It’s not like WordPress is the only tool for managing social posts.

Every week for at least a year, your promotional posts to players have an asterisk attached blaming WordPress for your formatting. It’s not WordPress’s fault anymore.


This has been the US Politics Script For When I Accidentally Did A Bad Thing for a few years:

  1. “I didn’t do it.”
  2. “If I did it, I don’t remember.”
  3. “If I did it, it’s not a big deal.”
  4. “I trusted someone else, and they did it.”
  5. “It’s not wrong when I do it.”

Welcome to step (4).


ikr, cedric is another “developer’s kindness” being #exploitedbyplayers, will be fixed so that it would be #workingasintended

(sorry, i saw an opportunity to use the hashtags)

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I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that this is also intentional.

The publisher/devs (I don’t know who’s actually responsible at this point) know they won’t be able to strip away the ability of the 1% of the 1% to finish Epic Tasks, so they’re using the PVP scoring algorithm to attempt to do just that.

They already know that the 99% will never again get LTs, which was intentional. (Sirrian’s post specifically cited the fact that you could pull Troops from LTs was ‘too valuable’ if I recall.)

Now the 1% is going to have an even harder time finishing (un)Epic Tasks because sitting on top of the pyramid results in nerfed PVP gold payouts, and the alternative is to play Explores with its asinine level of extra clicks, which as the devs confirmed is intentional, and for which the only possible explanation is to slow the player down.

I will now wear my shiny new tinfoil hat and claim that these adjustments were part of a tactical two-part strategy to eliminate LTs. (un)Epic Tasks removed them for the majority, and the PVP nerf/Explore speed gating makes them significantly harder for the 1%.

[edit] And the fact that the 1% will have higher team scores in PVP due to ET-granted stats means that everyone who faces them will now get more gold, which again points toward the (un)Epic Task gate.

1% player, finishes ETs -> lower PVP payouts due to having the highest team scores -> harder to maintain ETs/get LTs
99% player, can’t finish ETs -> higher PVP payouts due to occasionally facing the 1%, but not high enough to finsh ETs/get LTs

This was absolutely calculated, even if it was only done by the accounting equivalent to Milton from Office Space in some back office everyone forgets exists. Someone, somewhere figured out the effects this would all have.


what is this 2000 points difference based on? do i get better gold if i use a 9k+ team to fight 8k team than using a 13k team to fight 8k team?

I can sum up how I feel with one work: resentful.

When a guildmate gets 2400 for some of his tier 3 matches and I’m getting 1200 for some of my tier 3 matches, I feel like a sucker, like I’ve been a fool for investing so much of myself into this game. I even had hidden references to the game in the novel I wrote.

What is my crime? Is being one of the 12 people on the leaderboard with all troops at mythic an exploit? Is being one of the 5 people on the leaderboard to finish all delves an exploit? I sure feel like I’m being punished when I have to do more matches than others to get the same gold.

I spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours on this game and I’m penalized for it because my team scores are too high. I sure hope this is a mistake and it’s going to get fixed.


This just brings the Christmas spirit to my heart. :joy:

Not only are we expected to grind 3x as much gold to finish tasks…
… but we get a nerf to gold on top of it, just before Christmas.

Merry Christmas!


Why is the matchmaker showing me this? I’m past 15k power raiting, why does it keep throwing such low value targets at me, especially the one with 1504 power rating?


This is the first game i heard of that punish player for being good and for putting real money into the game.