PVP Changes

That is a solid theory

There was zero variety in green today for me. Bounced between the same stellarix team or the same zuul 2 team. Not hard. BORING. Matches went 1 of two ways.

  1. i use leprechaun and get ctharr filled up and pop their stellarix or zuul 2. I win.
  2. they fill stellarix or zuul 2 without me having ctharr ready. I hit retreat because i know its over.

Thats not challenging. Thats mind-numbing

Keep the hero. Randomize the teams. Dont ever listen to the dev that suggested “their last attack is their defense” again


Randomized teams are mind-numbing. You don’t even need to look and see what it is.
Just kill it and move to the next one. It’s no different than explore

You probably should quit saying this. I can win frenzy zone fights against wand/tak/stella teams. I can generally do it quickly. When I lose, I definitely lose fast. So it plays peppy enough.

You are better off sticking with…

THIS is truth. It is not fun.


Look. The current vp system prioritizes quantity of fights. Any way you slice it hundreds of fights are going to be mind numbing. Fighting the same team over and over again and trying to out wand their wand is worse than easy teams. Sorry. I dont want to fight hundreds of “challenging” matches if thats the challenge.

The people that like this new pvp are a small minority. The proof is in my weekly brackets. Its so much easier to get top 3 now because people AREN’T PLAYING. Let me repeat that: its easier for me to get the rewards but i still want it changed back because its NOT FUN


Make us a video guide of your gameplay against 3 takhasha, I wonder what’s your secret. It’s totally up to rng for any of us

I thought the same last week - but my top 3 are: 131k VPs, 95k VPs, 76k VPs :cold_face: :sweat_smile:
There are people that are still playing, and playing a lot. Maybe less than before the changes, but still a lot.

This!!! My win/loss ratio for this week is just horrible. I had entire stretches where I would have to retreat 3, 4, 5 or even more times in a row before RNG luck finally smiled on me. “not fun” is very delicately worded.


Lol dwarf and blackhawk for today frenzy. Forget that noise. Its slow even when you win