PVP Changes

Hi Adventurers,

We’ve made a couple of changes to PVP in response to some of your feedback:

  • Players over level 1,500 will now receive more Victory Points when choosing lower level opponents
    • Players over level 1,500 will now be considered as exactly level 1,500 when the attacker chooses an opponent who is lower level than them.

For example, if a player is level 1,700 and they choose a level 1,600 opponent, both players will be considered level 1,500 so the attacker’s Victory Points won’t be as reduced for fighting a lower level player.

  • There was an issue where PVP defense teams weren’t as up-to-date as we all expected. This has been changed so each player’s defense team will be their most recently used PVP attack team in the region you’re fighting against them.

Note: You may still see some old teams until you either refresh your opponents with Gems or until after daily reset.

We have more changes to come for PVP and look forward to hearing more of your feedback about it!


Everything seems to check out.

I’m guessing there’s going to be some kind of oversight to this adjustment at some point, but for now, its hard for me to tell since going from 25 to 50 base is a notable improvement (and the improvement feels good before thinking about any potential consequences)

Low levels still have the advantage and this doesn’t really change that, but we’ll see how it goes.

I do gotta say, I am glad it came out tonight and not as a next update “feature” , for what its worth.


So, they made a workaround and not a proper fix for the issue where high level players received less VP points. Great. But it’s part of the feedback. The majority asking to return the VP points to be based on team score and not hero level? Or something related? Fixed up to a point. Will it be enough? Only the future will tell.


Seems like a great change. Thanks.


There are some crashing issues with this PvP update. If I click enemy hero pre match or in battle, my game crashes on Playstation. Somebody reported same problem on Xbox. Everybody doesn’t have this problem though. I can play matches if I don’t click their hero, which is naturally good.


This is fixed in the hotfix which will be out very very soon! Sorry

I am just checking about it crashing on the pre-battle screen as I wasn’t aware the crash was happening there too, hopefully it is solved by the same fix, but I will find out.


Alright cool! For my friend the game seems to crash only on Blood Frenzy zones, not in Cental Spire for example. Fingers crossed the hotfix solve the issues!


Just confirmed the fix should solve the issue on the pre-battle screen as well.


The correction of the points will be welcomed as addressing the gap somewhat. Thank you.

However, including the hero in the opponents team has made it a painful mode once more (feels like GW due to the restrictions) so don’t be surprised when the playerbase playing PvP drops off the proverbial cliff.

Please be sure to separate the two issues when the designers wonder why.


If attack teams are being added to all regions we really need the ability to easily switch amongst teams, like we used to have in the old PVP. The same one team will not be effective against all types of teams and it takes too long to manually copy and paste a team code every time.


Any chance to rethink this? Many players have been avoiding Central Spire due to having to fight constructed team. Having the same handling in all regions will probably cause PvP to drop a lot in popularity.


I didn’t make it to the top and received 5 gold marks for 115 k VP. Two weeks ago it would have cost 100 marks. How fast do I have to run to stay in place?

This change is possibly causing game crashes.
Playing on PS5 and started a fight in one of the outer regions (suncrest one). I came up against a team with an enemy hero. When I started the game and went to select a troop, the whole game crashed. Reloaded the game and haven’t found another team with an enemy hero to confirm this.
Anyone else having issues?
EDIT: reloaded this page and read comments.

Thanks for the update. Hopefully hotfix solves the problem. Sucks that this change came out with bugs, but at least the fix is coming, hopefully.

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Sorry if I am misunderstanding this.
I do know that are team combinations hard to beat,
but isn’t PvP a player’s team against another player’s team?
Before this last change, playing PvP in othet regions other than Central Spire felt like playing Explore.


Yeah, just tried to play a few matches and already feeling like this is another reason to avoid PvP, having heroes back on enemy teams. This will definitely push some players away.

This needed to be fixed before the current fix. I really hope they make some kind of improvement to it, and soon.

Definitely agree. I was avoiding central spire, so now I’ll be avoiding PvP altogether, I guess.


Technically, most would think PvP to take part between two actively participating players.

And it looks like most players found this to be the most fun take on PvP so far.


Oh teams with heroes. Battles will not be so fast from now :sweat_smile:

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Indeed, but GoW PvP has never been like that :grin:

:joy: True, but that’s still Explore, not GoW PvP, and this game mode is GoW PvP. :wink:


great, now good players will have a better chance earning deed books.

I fought battles for some time, in today’s blood frenzy region, construct restriction. And to say I’m not impressed is to say nothing at all.

This is just the worst of old PvP, on steroids. 99% of the teams are some variation of Ahries with The Empress and Wand of Stars; and if there’s no Ahries, it’s Persistence or Cunning. This is where the variety ends.

How on earth this is supposed to be fun?