:Ghost: PURE MAYHEM (Rank 95, Bracket 41) are looking for an active, enthusiastic player. 25+ LT weekly, 40k seals, all events completed!

:ghost: PURE MAYHEM are looking for an active, enthusiastic player to join us!

Guild Ranking: 95 Last Guild Wars Bracket: 41

All tasks completed Monday, 25+ Legendary tasks weekly, 40k seals, all events completed.
Minimums required: 500k gold, 1500 seals, 300 trophies, enthusiastic event participation and DISCORD.

‘We encourage our players to stretch their limits on the trophy leaderboard, in events or completing legendary tasks.’

:jack_o_lantern: PURE MADNESS also appreciates active, fun players.

40k seals, most events completed.
Minimums required: 100k gold, 1000 seals, 50 trophies. Guild Wars required, other event participation highly encouraged.
No gold required while levelling kingdoms to 10.

‘Madness loves helping our enthusiastic members discover the various events, level their kingdoms quickly and become confident players…’

:phone: Please contact Lagility#1590 or Hisspa#9141 on discord or join Mayhem and Madness! https://discord.gg/y2377zD for more information, thx!