Lv113 looking to find a guild

Hey all,
I’m fairly new to the game but very active. I’m looking for a decent guild to keep learning more and improving. Still fairly noobish but making progress everyday. If anyone is willing to take me in and help me out that would be amazing

Hi Iimzekey we are a group of experienced top 10 players restarting a new guild, lots of people helping a newer player grow and strengthen Love to have a chat about your goals and the direction you wantto go, pop over to our discord server for a chat Discord Look forward to meeting you :slight_smile:

We’d love to invite you to our guild. Very active, discord is required.

PURE MADNESS has room for a fun, active new player.

‘We love helping our enthusiastic members discover the various events, level their kingdoms quickly and become confident players.’

  • 40k seals, normal tasks completed, most events completed.
  • No gold required while levelling kingdoms to 10.
  • The opportunity to move up to our other guild PURE MAYHEM, ranked 53 and climbing.
  • Minimums required: 100k gold, 1000 seals, 50 trophies. Guild Wars required and other event participation highly encouraged.

You can send a friend request to myself, Hisspa#9141 on discord, or join Mayhem and Madness Mayhem & Madness for more information.