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πŸ’— PURE MAYHEM (Rank 39, Bracket 4) is looking for active, enthusiastic players to join us! 20+ Legendary Tasks weekly, starting on Mondays. All events completed

:heartpulse: PURE MAYHEM is a friendly guild with fun, enthusiastic members who get the job done.

Guild Ranking: 39 Guild Wars Bracket: 4

Normal and Epic tasks completed and 20+ Legendary Tasks weekly, starting on Mondays!
40k seals, all events completed.
Minimums required: 1M gold, 1500 seals, 300 trophies and enthusiastic event participation.

β€˜We encourage our players to stretch their limits on the trophy leaderboard, in events or completing legendary tasks.’

The requirements listed are absolute minimums for times you don’t get to play much and ideally you’d easily outperform them.

:phone: Please contact Lagility#1590 or Hisspa#9141 on discord or join Mayhem and Madness! https://discord.gg/y2377zD for more information, thx!

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Room for one more :slight_smile:

1 spot available immediately, contact details above.

Please keep in mind the stated requirements are absolute minimums for busy weeks. The β€œnormal” average contribution is much higher.

Full again, waiting list available on https://discord.gg/y2377zD

2 places available after Guild Wars

1 spot available immediately, join our discord for details :slightly_smiling_face:

https://discord.gg/y2377zD 4

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Looking for one to join us :slight_smile:

Room for one more!

1 spot available again, join our discord for details :slightly_smiling_face:

Mayhem needs YOU.

Full now, but always happy to add someone to the waiting list!

Pure Mayhem has space for YOU!

1 spot available immediately, contact us on discord for details :slight_smile:

Still looking for one more :slight_smile: