PSA: Its spelled "Hoard" not Horde


You want to steal the Dragon’s hoard of gold or upgrade your underworld hoard…
The player logged into WoW, joined the battlegrounds and shouted “For the Horde!” on his first gnome kill!

Got it?



Forget the “For the Horde!!!” battlecry. This is a better one:
@Ozball will get it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am old and don’t get it. That is ok though.


My newly leveled to 120 frost mage troll thanks you.


It’s a main character from the same webcomic where Ozball’s avatar comes from. :slightly_smiling_face:


PSA: It’s “it’s.”


Could be a pun. If it’s not, you could make it one, @Devs


Its probably cruel of me to write a sentence specifically to irk you with it’s contents, is it not?


I’m so pleased by this.


I horde it through the grapevine.


Also, another demonstration that Americans can not spell, spelt…

*shrugs :thinking::roll_eyes:



Both spellings are permitted.


Fake News…



I can spell it just fine, but it has a different meaning in the US :wink:


Yeah, same word means both in English. Did America have to change the spelling because it was too confusing? :rofl:

And, don’t get me started on kids here these days using Z’s everywhere…


Yes, it’s.



Found on Imgur. Thought it relevant.


the proper use”


Grammar and spelling article by American Humor. Not Humour. Sigh



I have mixed feeling about this… But most of them can be defined by: :rofl: