PS4 mail glitch

Ok, so I can log in and play the game, but heavens forbid I try to get my mail. I have a bunch of mail waiting, but as soon as I attempt to open them, I have no mail.

Then after backing out of the mail, I get an error that is too small to read and won’t go away no matter how many times you get out of it.

Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it?

Hey @Mainen,

I’ve looked into your account and there was a problem with your mail. I’ve fixed this issue and you should now be able to access the mail. Could you confirm that it is working again?

I have the same issues its been over 2 months and every-time i try to open my mail exact issue described above , i collected a lot of rewards from pvp ranks matches over 500 glory keys easily and tons of other things such as guild rewards but cannot collect them from mail.

Unfortunately I have the same ingame-mail problem described above. Can you please fix it? Thank you …

We’ve worked out the issue and discussed it here:

I too have been unable to open mine too, had to shut down the game. Lost email upon daily reset.